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Lukewarm evil in an over exposed format ‘Infernal’ – movie review

Frustration when watching a film is something that is more irritating than being plain bored by a horror film. INFERNAL (a mix of Sinister, Insidious and Paranormal Activity) is skin scratchily painful to watch. Directed and written by Bryan Coyne the film feels like it needs major cuts to become at least a little bit bearable. It features a newly married couple who move into a house and have a baby. Fast forward a few years their young girl is now acting strange and guess – what??? There appears to be a supernatural force in the house. 


Once again we have a found footage film. It seems that independent horror is STILL obsessed by this technique. Please film makers, find some new ways to present your stories, I don’t know if I have it in me to watch another found footage film. A massive problem in Infernal is its incredibly long dialogue scenes which seem like they were improvised and go around in circles. The script doesn’t add much to the plot and we see characters talking and talking and talking about the same god-damn things. Devices like this frustrate me because it treats the audience like idiots, we are busy people and if the dialogue isn’t adding to the story why waste our time? Not only does the dialogue lag but also the editing is very odd and by golly there were times where I had no idea what was going on.

So when it comes to the actual action and horror of the film there is little. I was waiting for what felt like hours until we saw glimpses of the evil that was taking over the house. With a little bit of a spoiler we come in contact with a demon-like creature invading the house but like I said before we see very little of actual horror in this supposedly ‘horror’ film. It definitely feels at times more like a family drama.

The acting is uneven, even with the two main characters (played by Andy Ostroff and Heather Adair) who at times are strong and in other scenes give forced and unrealistic performances. The supporting players are serviceable but because of the weird editing and odd camera work it’s hard to connect with the characters in the majority of the film.


Infernal is just annoying. Annoying in it’s editing, pacing, dialogue and narrative. It’s trying to be so many better films and I’m not sure if it’s because of the budget but the monetary constraints are very noticeable in the film. If I was you I would switch on another horror film which actually dares to dive into hell and doesn’t just tip-toe around it.


INFERNAL is directed by Bryan Coyne and stars Andy Ostroff, Heather Adair and Alyssa Koerner. INFERNAL will be on VOD and limited theaters on April 10th.


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