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‘A Tricky Treat’ screening at the 68th Cannes Short Film Corner

It brings a smile to our face and warms our deviant little hearts when we receive news that a filmmaker we are huge on is making positive strides. You guys have seen the coverage we have given to the extraordinarily talented filmmaker Patricia Chica.What the hell is in the water in Canada we keep wondering with the demented women that seem to come from there, we love it! It’s with warrant when seeing the phenomenal shorts she has created like SERPENTS LULLABY and now an entry in the 68th Cannes Film Festival’s Short Film Corner A TRICKY TREAT. We truly enjoyed this short and are ecstatic to hear it’s being selected. In the short we get a gory and grisly account of a man who becomes the plaything of two miscreant children. Read the office news ahead and be on the look out for more news on all that is related with Patricia Chica in the near future.

A Tricky Treat, the new horror-comedy directed by award-winning Canadian filmmaker Patricia Chica and executive produced by Tara Kurtz will launch at the Short Film Corner of the 68th Cannes Film Festival. The director and producers will be on-hand for screenings at the festivals Film Market.

Vividly gory and uncomfortably playful, the film revels in the shocking fate of a man kidnapped by a very strange family and offered as a plaything to two children.

A Tricky Treat director Patricia Chica notes, “I wanted to create an interesting metaphor, using role reversal, about how humans become voraciously consumptive for the sake of ceremonial tradition—slaughtering masses of turkeys for Thanksgiving, leveling vast acres of trees for Christmas, and harvesting fields of pumpkins for Halloween.”

The cast includes Leonard Waldner, as the captive, and the sinister family members are played by Steve Brewster, Andrea Fletcher, Keira McCarthy and newcomer Marco Reilly. The short’s script was written by Kamal John Iskander (Jesus Comes to Town, The Gospel according to Charlie).

Patricia Chica (director-producer), Grace Santos (producer), Byron A. Martin (producer) and Tara Kurtz  (executive producer) will participate in the exhibition at Cannes. The team will also take meetings at the Film Market regarding their next feature film projects: Montréal Girls (a coming-of-age dark comedy, written by Kamal John Iskander) and Wolverine Hotel (an edgy, dark thriller written by Canadian Andrew Lynch), both directed by Patricia Chica.

“A dainty little treat.”  —Horror Movies Uncut

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