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‘IT’ remake looking to return home to Bangor Maine

Its was first reported this week in the Bangor Daily News that the upcoming remake for Stephen King’s IT may have a few scenes from the city found in the book. The town of Derry is the fictional area based off Bangor, Manie. It has been said by King himself that all the films involving Derry represent Bangor in his eyes which is why so many of his films revolve around it. Stu Tinker who operates a tour company in the area released information that he gave a tour to a production designer from the film. There is a hope for certain parts to be filmed there but due to financial reasons more than likely most the film will be shot in New York.

It looks like the main reason for attempting to shoot in Bangor is to keep the remake as close to source material as possible. One of the reason we don’t hear to much of a groan from the horror community is due to the original being a mini series and not just a stand alone film. So it’s possible to say that it’s more of a re imagining that some are saying is closer to the book then what was aired back on TNT. Still the most intriguing story will revolve around the selection of Pennywise as living up to Tim Curry’s performance will be no easy task. The film is scheduled to be released in 2017 and we should hear more updates in the near future.



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