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A detour of terror ‘Roadside’- DVD review

It’s becoming clearer and clearer now that horror has once again returned to a reality period. What is that you ask? Well think of all the films were the people are the monsters and you will catch my drift. Filmmaker Eric England is no stranger to the macabre with his films like MADISON COUNTY and CONTRACTED, but he looks to install a new kind of fear in his latest venture ROADSIDE. Fans of his other films be warned this film enlists a different kind of scare one that while seems a little far fetched resonates loudly in the subconscious. Plain and simple people are nuts and and sometimes there is no rhyme or reason. The only thing you can hope to do is survive.

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ROADSIDE follows an expecting couple on a trip that gets dangerously detoured. They are being harassed by a madman that has no intention of letting them leave and has a sniper rifle to do so. One thing that immediately struck me as odd about the film was the interaction with the killer and Dan played by Ace Marrero. This has nothing to do with the acting per say more just the believability factor. If this film was about monsters or something of the like it would be no issue. It was just strange that the communication was so clear even though the two were some ways apart. No big deal though as the film works in regards to bringing terror to the viewer that if shorter would have worked flawlessly.


ROADSIDE brings the flavor of an 80’s thriller to a new generation of horror fans. Many people who travel frequently understand the dangers of the unknown and England exploits this to the fullest. It’s nice to see such range from a filmmaker who can truly survive the constant trend changes we deal with day to day in horror. Katie Stegeman as Mindy and out killer voice all do a great job of heightening the terror as your witness their situation digress with each passing moment. ROADSIDE is a film that you want to show the casual horror fans because the context won’t leave too much to the imagination which for fans these days is a good thing. While it won’t have the crossover appeal as CONTRACTED or the hardcore enthusiasts love like MADISON COUNTY, ROADSIDE will develop a life of it’s own outside of those two features and introduce a whole new audience to the demented mind of one Mr. Eric England.


2.5/ 5


ROADSIDE will be available on DVD and Digital download on April 14th. It is directed by Eric England and stars Ace Marrero, Katie Stegeman and Lionel D. Carson. It is being released courtesy of Image Entertainment.



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