Horror Movie Trailer

Horror Tease: ‘Beware of The Klowns’ teaser

Here at HMU we are some sick individuals. Even our creator Travis Brown decided to send this teaser to one of our writers Stacey Beth who is terrified of Klowns. If anything it gave us the perfect reaction to know we had to key you guys in on this film. Browsing the redditsphere we came across this teaser for a film currently under production BEWARE OF THE KLOWNS. Yes with a K folks stay with us now. The film is directed by Tim Wolak we have the plot below picked from their Facebook page. All you need to know is there is a group of killer klowns that ain’t getting out a small car for your f**king entertainment. They want blood. Check out the trailer and we will be keeping an eye out for more news on BEWARE OF THE KLOWNS in the near future.

In the small town of Santa Mira, their brave Sheriff is forced to protect his twins, Joy and Lisa, from the terror that is the Klown King and his cult of killer klowns. The Sheriff tries to uphold the town’s “clown-law”, a ban on all things clown related, plus keep Bobby, the son of a retired clown, away from Lisa. Madness ensues as mass murders occur with the message of Klown Supremacy at the forefront of The Klowns rampage against the town. Can the Sheriff protect his town and his twin daughters? Will the Klown King succeed with his ultimate goal of Klown Supremacy? Blood, guts, nudity, and violence fill this B-movie inspired film with thrills and chills that will bring you to another time and place.


Directed by Tim Wolak BEWARE OF THE KLOWNS stars David A. Hubert, Mark Conway, Amanda Risinger, Justin Wolters, James Peters, Jordan Cox, Barry Murdock Jr., Adriana Vega, Aaron Hart, Sunny Akhigbe, Brian Winfield, Simon Barrios, Vinny Prisco, Jason Elkins and Keith Henman.


Look for updates on their FB page:




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