British Horror

Some entities just can’t play nice ‘Judas Ghost’ – movie review

No matter how much of an expert you think you are when a ghost has your number, well you’re f**ked. In Simon Pearce’s JUDAS GHOST we find a group of ghost hunters making an instructional tape when things get a little more intense than presumed. We have all seen those ghost hunter shows and the films have taken advantage of the concept. JUDAS GHOST goes for a little more flair and comes off as a smart and entertaining supernatural feature. Coming in under 90 mins the film is centralized in one area but has enough of a dynamic to keep the audience engaged.

In JUDAS GHOST evil is more than just a bump in the night. It’s an overall consumption of the mind body and soul. These ghost hunters may be the best but they have never faced a terror like this before. There is a fantasy feel which gives JUDAS range and really can be looked at as a family film if your youngsters are older. It took me back to a time when you sought out the mature and more intelligent horror films than the plain ole slash and gash. Think of the later Goosebump films and you will catch my drift. One thing that might turn people away from JUDAS GHOST has to do with the effects that seems somewhat corny but personally thought it was well received. It’s hard to do supernatural films and stand out but JUDAS GHOST has a nice appeal. You will see common nuances found throughout the lore of spirit tales and GHOST does a good job of educating the audience.

Films dealing with the supernatural will live on forever in our culture. Movies like JUDAS GHOST which are on the lighter side of the spectrum will always have a place. Audiences will enjoy the attempts of making a genuine take on the ghost world but the short length does lead to the imagination. For some these days that is not a good thing and may hurt the overall perception of the film. For myself I had no issues enjoying JUDAS GHOST which is just solid tale of a haunting with a little more shine than I originally expected.


2.5 / 5


JUDAS GHOST is directed by Simon Pearce and stars Martin Delaney, Lucy Cudden, Alexander Perkins, Simon Merrells, and Grahame Fox.



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