Horror Series

Retro horror web series from Argentina ‘No Podrás Dormir Esta Noche’ unveils first two episodes

One of the things about horror in the eighties and nineties that gets overlooked at times is the amount of horror related television shows that invaded the airways. Honestly only Mike Myers was one of the iconic figures from that time period never to get a proper television run. Really there was no need as screens across the country were filled with programming from our parents generation to cult following shows we still love to this day. The stalwarts were THE TWILIGHT ZONE, OUTER LIMITS and DARK SHADOWS. Though in a time when Sbarro Pizza reigned supreme in malls all over some new faces developed on the networks that we could not deny. TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE, FRIDAY THE 13TH THE SERIES, FREDDY’S NIGHTMARES, MONSTERS and AMAZING STORIES all began to populate syndication. In the cable world TALES FROM THE CRYPT took form and all were anthology style horror shorts/episodes that mimicked the king of anthologies at that time CREEPSHOW. While many of us are children of that generation we have seen these stables come and go and usher in a more family friendly era thanks in big part to shows like ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK and of course eventually the GOOSEBUMPS series. It was a great time for this format in horror and luckily for us some Argentinians have reminded us of it. Straight out of Buenos Aires filmmakers Ezequiel Endelman and Leandro Montejano were kind enough to reach out to us about their new web series. Their production company ToysBoys, Inc. Movies has developed an 80’s induced horror series titled YOU WON’T SLEEP tonight or (No Podrás Dormir Esta Noche). This fascinating series will take you back to all the aforementioned shows and has an 80’s flair that would make Lloyd Kaufman jealous.

Each episode will have its own theme ranging from monsters to witches and is truly a fun treat for all to enjoy. Sorry gorehounds as of now the episodes seem a little more family friendly but the essence these tales bring is what’s key. We truly had a blast watching the first two episodes and have them for you to see here on HMU. The first chapter “Knock Before You Enter” recently won the People Awards to the Best Short Movie in the last Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre Film Festival. The second episode “R.S.V.P.” premiered at the end of last month. This is a YouTube channel you definitely want to subscribe to and for our non Spanish audience you may click on the subtitles. Enjoy the episodes including some awesome stills and posters from the series!








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