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Sinister when wet ‘The Drownsman’ – Blu-ray/DVD review

Last week Anchor Bay released the supernatural thriller  THE DROWNSMAN on DVD. Coming from director Chad Archibald (Ejecta) this dive into the abyss of horror has prompted this writer to make a few pun horror titles that popped into my head upon viewing. So let me just get this out of the way (clears voice) “Nightmare on Nantucket”, “Chad Archibald’s Wet Nightmare” and of course “Drownsman’s Dead’. See what I’m doing here? Well if you don’t catch my drift let me further my thoughts in this review.


In THE DROWNSMAN we come across a young woman by the name of Madison (Michelle Mylett/Antisocial) who has a deep rooted fear in water. For some reason whenever she is near it she starts to have visions of terrible things that seem to circulate around a large and scary individual (Ry Barrett/ Save Yourself). To the point where she even misses one of her best friend’s wedding (Caroline Palmer) which makes she and her other best friend Kobi (Gemma Bird Matheson) bring in some special help. This particular showing of friendship drags all the girls into the water hell hole Madison has been experiencing. Mixed with wet nightmarish sequences using liquid as a form for the killer to enact his rage sounds kinda familiar. Look I don’t want to blatantly say this movie is a reincarnation of Wes Craven’s NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET but the proof is in the pudding folks.




Outrageous and over the top scenarios of people being sucked through mom and dad’s plumbing at home leads you to a basement of liquid doom? It’s hard not to make the parallel. The downside to that is it makes it too easy for THE DROWNSMAN to become  very forgettable which is sad to see. The storyline while almost exactly like that of FREDDY’S DEAD has some potential and I would be curious to see how this film could have turned out if some other element was presented in the story. Audiences will have a tough time trying to figure out what the goal of this film is and unfortunately there is not enough good onscreen action to steer you away from the obvious. I did appreciate the performance of Mylett as she showed in ANTISOCIAL she can be a leading lady in horror for sometime. Hopefully her next film will have a little more creativity similar to the aforementioned so we can continue to see the starlet’s career blossom. With all that being said THE DROWNSMAN at least is a fast watch and jumps right into the story so if you need something to watch to kill time give it a view.


1.5 /5


THE DROWNSMAN is directed by Chad Archibald and stars Michelle Mylett,  Caroline Korycki,  Gemma Bird Matheson, Clare Bastable  and Ry Barrett. It is available on DVD and Blu-ray courtesy of Anchor Bay Entertainment.



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