Foriegn Horror

Short Film Spotlight ‘Bedtime Is At 10’

It has been a while since we unveiled a recent horror short that we have enjoyed enough display to all of you. Last month doing a hazy part of the day were perusing around Reddit and came across a Doha based horror short by Dimitri Salomão titled BEDTIME  Is At 10. It’s a nice little boogieman type feature that goes well with this revival of storybook horror that is being welcomed today. You may not wanna watch this one with headphones on. Enjoy the short presented by Misprinted Lies Productions along with a review from HMU’s Travis Brown.


A little girl watches her cartoons before going to bed. But she’s not the only one in the room.


BEDTIME IS AT 10 is one of those shorts that will make you walk around the house with your iphone flashlight on turning off your main lights. Honestly it’s creepy as hell and I was unable to get the full appreciation for it until I watched it at home. The European camera style works perfectly in this setting as the little girl is a treat to see watching her beloved cartoons. The moment the spectre enters the picture the whole mood changes and you can feel the hairs rise on the back of your next. This is a well done atmospheric horror that shows that even with little time films can be creepy as hell. Many won’t like the ending but this is the type of short that has a chance to lead to a full length feature. Great job and seriously don’t watch this one too late!

-Travis Brown

For more information on Misprinted Lies Productions visit their FB page.



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