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It’s the return of Lulu ‘Hillbilly Horror Show’ Vol 4 Review

Yeehaw!! Grab a six pack of your favourite brew and forget to apply sunscreen, because it’s that time again – time for some good old fashioned Hillbilly style fun with your favourite hygienically challenged hosts, Bo and Cephus! Not forgetting the bootylicious cousin Lulu of course… but then how could we?

volume 4 pic

If you’ve been living under a rock (or you can’t get interwebs access in your trailer) and aren’t sure what Hillbilly Horror Show is about, it’s a comprehensive look at the best new horror shorts out there interspersed with pricelessly funny tongue-in-cheek banter from its eccentric hosts in between each film. Volume 4 gives us five great shorts to watch, all of which share a darkly comic sense of humour. There’s Strange Thing, about a married couple who find a mysterious door in their home that they’ve never seen before; ‘Til Death, an oddball take on Hitchcock’s Stramger’s on a Train scenario; Foodie, a witty and gruesome satire of food critic society; The Hourglass Figure, a tale of how far an overworked housewife will go to gain an extra hour in the day and last but not least, bonus short Collision, about a devastating planetary catastrophe.

The feel of the show brings to mind the jovial weirdness of beloved shows like The Twilight Zone or Tales from the Crypt. It’s trashy, sleazy and just a little bit cheesy, which makes for excellent viewing – the kind perfect for forgetting your worries and having lots of laughs with your buddies. Embrace your inner hillbilly… go on! You know you want to!

4 / 5

Check out Volumes 1-3 by visiting our website www.hillbillyhorrorshow.com and clicking on any of the partner tabs on the right side of the screen. Or rent each season including Season 4 here: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/9883/87394315

It stars Bo Keister, Scott Geiter, and Rachel Faulkner.


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