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Horror Tease ‘Harvest Moon’

Filmmaker Jeremy Lynn is heading home to create his new vision of ritualistic terror HARVEST MOON. The Oklahoma native is starting production on the film in September and is the middle of pre production currently looking to add some notable names to the cast. We have a little bit of information on HARVEST MOON including blood filled teaser. There is a Indiegogo that has been launched for the project as well so head over and check out the available perks.

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Harvest Moon centers around a budding young man, entangled in a string of ritualistic murders who fights to find the killer and protect the people he loves.

Harvest Moon will be shot using RED cinema cameras and exported in 4K (ultra HD) putting it at the cutting edge of digital cinema. It’s genre and style make it very desirable for sales overseas and I’m already in talks with domestic distribution companies to have a nationwide theatrical release.

Visit their Indiegogo page here:


Director Jeremy Lynn has this to say about the project, “I knew this had to be shot in Oklahoma and as I started making phone calls and securing locations it only reaffirmed my vision. I loved growing up in Oklahoma and now it’s my time to give back and enrich this state as much as I can. Harvest Moon will mostly consist of local crew and actors tapping into a pool of unrecognized talent that’s hungry for action. I want to employ as many people as I can while bringing more awareness to Oklahoma and everything it has to offer.” “I love all the support I’ve been given so far and now I want it to grow.”

Here is an updated release on the film.


Harvest Moon, slated to begin filming Sep 2015, is getting back to the basics of what makes a movie suspenseful and terrifying. “This isn’t another teen hack and slash” Said producer Jeremy Lynn, “This is where nightmares come from”. The film will be shot and delivered in 4K, Ultra HD, using all practical effects, and utilizing classic film making, turning this into a modern classic.

Jeremy grew up in Oklahoma with a love for suspense, it didn’t take him long to realize that entertainment was his calling. After moving to LA and graduating Pepperdine, he began working as an actor and associate producer for as many projects as he could find. It wasn’t until a couple years later, while attending the funeral of his grandpa, that he got the idea for Harvest Moon. Jeremy wrote Harvest Moon to honor his childhood heroes Hitchcock and Kubrick, while keeping the modern audience in mind. “We’re using some of the best technology available and mixing it with old school techniques to bring a unique and terrifying look to the big screen unseen for many years, and we’re going local”

Harvest Moon looks to employ as many local crew and talent that it can find. “Growing up in Oklahoma I know a ton of amazing actors, crew, and locations that barely see work. Oklahoma is a raw untaped potential for film production and I’m going to change that” With the 10 year renewal of the Oklahoma Film Commission budget, Harvest Moon will receive 35% of it’s budget back, in cash.

“This was really a no brainier for me” said Jeremy while smiling. “You take amazing locations, great local crew, killer talent, and you get 35% back after you shoot… How could anyone say no.”



For more information visit their official sites:

Website: www.harvestmoonfilm.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/harvestmoonfeaturefilm



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