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If you shoot it make sure it is dead ‘Wolf House’ – movie review

LOL. Really the best description I can think of for this film is LOL. Sometimes in a laugh out loud sort of way but more a sarcastic, dead pan LOL. You know the one. 

Wolf House directed by Matt Lord is a found footage film like many I’ve seen this year and last. It reminded me of Creep and Willow Creek. Two films which were better than Wolf House mostly because they spent time creating dread and suspense for the viewer. I’m by no means saying Wolf House was terrible but it definitely fits the bill of a trashy C grade horror film.

It tells the story of six high school/college (not sure?) friends travelling to an abandoned cabin where they drink, reminisce about past adventures and the couples in the group start to plan their future. The ‘douche’ of the group brings a gun and shoots a strange looking furry animal and as the sun sets it seems like someone or something is looking for revenge for their poor furry loved one.

The animals that come attack the group of friends are obviously actors in costumes, it is so blatantly obvious that the film draws in unintentional laughs through out. I understand the film had a constricted budget but the film goes down spoof territory and any chance of it being taken seriously is thrown out the window with the monster’s costumes. So it did make me laugh and I don’t know if this was the directors intentions but then again who cares when it elevates scenes from mediocre to funny-as-hell.

The actors are all surprisingly convincing in their roles, sure we have all the archetypes of dumb douche, guy who wants girl back, nerd etc but the acting abilities seen in Wolf House are all perfectly serviceable. The editing is a bit all over the place jumping back and forth in time to give the characters more depth however it doesn’t work and just becomes filler in the film. Wolf House is surprisingly good and silly fun for a film with no budget. Take it all with a pinch of salt and you might just come out the end with a smile.



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