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Sci fi comedy ‘Space Rippers’ hilarious trailer

Finally someone is standing up for the little people in the film industry. We have spoken to countless filmmakers who drastically need to find a way for their work to keep from being pirated. It is no easy task and there is no help in site when the SPACE RIPPERS are here! This Canadian sci fi horror comedy romp is hilarious take on what’s going on in the media industry. From torrents to illegal sharing and stealing of films , in this internet day and age no ones project is safe. The California Balloon Films team currently ended their Indiegogo and are set to unleash it to the masses. Read on for the details of SPACE RIPPERS and check out their practical effects filled trailer. Also take a glance at the cursed witch in the film played by the gorgeous Visha Loo!

California Balloon Films, the team behind the free online feature films ‘Truth’ and ‘Android Night Punch,’ have just released an old-school practical effects-heavy teaser trailer for their upcoming film SPACE RIPPERS, a sexy, gore-drenched, throwback sci-fi-horror-comedy.

Visha Loo:



Space Rippers tackles the controversial topic of media piracy, using the sci-fi/horror subgenre to approach the complicated questions of the Internet of today. And, of course, it boasts all the bodacious space babes, slobbering mutants, and zero-gravity decapitations that genre fans expect – created with miniatures, stop motion, prosthetic, and wire-work.

The film’s synopsis: For decades, the Space Rippers have orbited Earth, uploading torrents from the last place the law can’t reach. But when public sentiment turns against the amateur astronauts, they risk ripping a legendary cursed DVD, only to release an Anti-Piracy Witch packing malevolent magic and a hunger for Homo Sapiens. Now the Rippers are in a no-holds-barred battle not for Earth’s entertainment…but for its survival.





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