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Scream The Series Recap Ep 1

Heather Lee jumps into Season 1 of MTV’s SCREAM 

Teen drama and social media always come hand in hand. There is always the cool kids, the geeks, or just the socially unaccepted in any high school drama. Scream the new series by MTV starts off with the cool kids blasting a viral video of a fellow classmate making out with a girl in her car. YouTube comments blast away at Audrey’s (Bex Taylor-Klaus) conquest and two of the cool kids are getting nothing but kicks out of it, which of course means there demise is only near. Nina (Bella Thorne), who is the sexually adventurous and bitchiest one out of the group, starts to receive mysterious texts from her boyfriend. She thinks it is Tyler (Anthony Rogers) who is sending her videos of him watching her from a far, so she starts to put on a show but soon to realize it isn’t Tyler, when his decapitated head comes flying into the hot tub in front of her. Nina screams and tries to call 911 but of course as we all depend on Siri, she fails and calls pottery barn. Running frantically to try and get inside Nina gets slashed by the unknown assailant in the back, tries to crawl to the pool, but we all know it is to late for her. He picks her up and slashes her throat.

As the show continues to you dive straight into the build up of each character of Lakewood. You start with the popular kids, Emma (Willa Fitzgerald), Will (Conner Well), Jack (Tom Maden) and Brooke (Carlson Young) who after hearing about Nina’s death is slightly sad, but some of them are relieved in a way. It seems she was nothing but a bitch, even to them. You then move into meeting the geeky film kids. Audrey who met right at the beginning and then her best friend Noah (John Karna) who is smart but has an obsession with serial killers, film and knows a little to much about the thinking of one. Then last but not least who you have the dark and handsome Kieran Wilcox (Amadeus Serefini) who is the new kid to the school.


After all the teens find out the gory details of Nina’s death, Noah uses his fond knowledge of serial killers and slasher films and tells all of them of the murdered Brandon James who killed and hunted a number of teens 20 years ago in Lakewood. Brandon James was the reclusive kid who hid his deformed face and lived in his parents shed. He had a crush on a girl in named Daisy from a far. Brandon decided one day to tell Daisy of his love for her and met her at a school dance. Daisy freaked out by his deformed face once he revealed it to her. Brandon was beaten up by the high school jocks, which were drunk. This drove Brandon to craziness and he started slaughtering numerous teens in Lakewood. The cops use Daisy to trap Brandon and he is gunned down and falls into the lake. Later you do find out that Emma’s mom is Daisy as the plot twists.


The teens all start to form this weird friendship and with the death of Nina and Tyler anyone can be suspect. Soon after they have there remembering party for Nina, Emma starts to get the weird phone calls from the unknown killer.


I would have to say the first episode wasn’t disappointing and you definitely get the character build up at the beginning. As the show definitely has similarities to the Scream movies you also see aspects from other great slasher films like Friday the 13th. Can MTV keep true to a good slasher? We will see…

3.5 /5



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