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‘Frances Stein’ released later this year rapper T.O.N.E.-z set to appear


Big Biting Pig Productions is set to release the revenge gore romp FRANCES STEIN later this year. Check out how one woman decides to get revenge on her cheating husband and his mistress in this insane looking feature. Rapper T.O.N.E.-z was nominated for an emmy for his JUSTIFIED theme song from the hit FX program. He will make an appearance in the film and we should hear of a release date in the near future.

T.O.N.E.-z, best known for his Emmy nomination for the theme song to FX Network drama series “Justified,” will be appearing in Big Biting Pig Productions’ next movie “Frances Stein,” due for release later this year.

FRANCES STEIN is a modern day mad scientist thriller that focuses on “France Stein” taking revenge on her ex-husband and his new young wife.

Frances Stein is written & directed by a woman, PJ Woodside.

Big Biting Pig Productions is an award winning production company that has previously released 8 feature films including their latest release “The Caretakers” which was nominated for a

Rondo Award for “Best Indie Film of the Year.”

JUSTIFIED THEME SONG – “Long Hard Times To Come” by T.O.N.E.z & Gangstagrass:

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