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Action thriller ‘10 Cent Pistol’ heads to theaters and VOD later this month

From the writer of BROOKLYN’S FINEST Michael C. Martin comes the new high octane paced thriller 10 CENT PISTOL. The film follows two brothers on the wrong side of the law who take a job they may not come back from. 10 CENT PISTOL will be released on iTunes, VOD and limited theaters on July 24th. Take a glance at the trailer and images ahead and look for this soon courtesy of eOne Entertainment.

eOne Entertainment will release 10 CENT PISTOL in theaters, on VOD & iTunes on July 24th.

The film is written and directed by MICHAEL C. MARTIN (the writer behind Brooklyn’s Finest), and stars JENA MALONE (The Hunger Games franchise, Sucker Punch, Saved!), THOMAS IAN NICHOLAS (American Pie franchise) and JOE MANTEGNA (The Godfather Part III, Criminal Minds, “The Rat Pack”).

DAMON ALEXANDER and JT ALEXANDER play the lead brothers – they are also both producers on the film and are brothers in real life.


Two brothers maneuver through the criminal underworld of Los Angeles in search of wealth, love and redemption. Their string of success screeches to a halt when a high stakes job goes horribly wrong. Soon they find themselves at the mercy of a crooked mob lawyer, and tangled in a love triangle with a sexy femme fatale. With no other choice but to do what they do best, the brothers take on the craziest job of their careers, and pray they get out alive.

10 CENT PISTOL is directed by Michael C. Martin and stars Jena Malone, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Joe Mantegna, JT Alexander and Damon Alexander.


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  1. I love this movie! Awesome movie but did Thomas Ian Nicholas’s character have to die! C’money now! So Not Fair but still the is Awesome n I love this so much that everytime I watch it I’m glued to the movie that I don’t move off my Sofa til the end n literally interacting with the movie the whole time!👍

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