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Classic creature feature for a new age audience ‘Dark Was The Night’ – movie review

We have reached a pinnacle time in the horror industry as new ideas and movements seem to litter the landscape. Jack Heller is one filmmakers that seems to have found his niche in the creature feature category. After hilariously disgusting audiences with BAD MILO he returns with the more folklore style horror with DARK WAS THE NIGHT. Starring Kevin Durand, Lukas Haas and Bianca Kajlich we see a small town whose ancient secret has seemed to pick up it’s appetite. Since this is a no spoiler zone it’s ok to mention that the film truly ends in the correct manner. That being said there are some down moments that slug the story along but overall it’s a satisfying watch.


Durand plays small town sheriff dealing with a death of a child that has caused he and his wife (Kajlich) to separate. While trying to keep things in order in his own life he must also deal with a streetwise new deputy (Haas) and a recent amount of disappearances of animals in the area. Possibly the most accurate title for a film in existence is DARK WAS THE NIGHT. The filmmaker has no issue keeping you in the realm of this cold and secluded town. It’s the perfect setting for a film of this caliber and adds to the overall emotion of the picture. With such an esteemed cast there was no way this film could falter on the acting exchange  which makes the central focus the interaction with the creatures. One would expect the film to be filled with jump scenes and ravenous gory clips but there was much more involved. The slow build of the story of the estranged family allowed you to steer away from the monsters in question. So whenever there is portion of the film showcasing what these thing are capable of it was more than rewarding. DARK WAS THE NIGHT plays more like a survival horror during the climax and keeps you until the conclusion.


DARK WAS THE NIGHT is a well played horror film. Fans of of movies like THE THING or even the prequel werewolf romp GINGER SNAPS BEGINNINGS will enjoy the setup of this film. It is as solid as one could expect and as long as you are invested in the characters as much as what’s killing them you can’t go wrong. 2014 was a big year for the return of monster movies and DARK WAS THE NIGHT is clear evidence of that. So if you are looking for a good old fashion creature feature with a progressive storyline you don’t want to miss DARK WAS THE NIGHT.


3 / 5


DARK WAS THE NIGHT will be in limited theaters and on VOD on July 24th. It is directed by Jack Heller and stars Kevin Durand, Lukas Haas and Bianca Kajlich. It is being distributed by RLJ/Image Entertainment.


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