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CHOI Dong-hoon’s ASSASSINATION in theaters next month


Headed to limited theaters this August courtesy of WELL GO USA is the CHOI Dong-hoon flick ASSASSINATION. This Korean film deals with hitmen, rebels and more and when there is a hit planned on a Japanese general the right man needs to be notified for the job. Unfortunately he is in prison and needs to be freed to pull off the hit. Look for ASSASSINATION on August 7th in select cities with more to be announced later.

Snipers. Marksmen. Hired Guns. Double Agents. A group of exiled rebels are planning a hit on an Army Commander in Japanese-occupied Korea, but the only killer for the job is in prison. Now, the Resistance must devise a  jailbreak, escape a hitman…and discover which of them is a traitor.

ASSASSINATION is directed by CHOI Dong-hoon and stars  Gianna JUN , LEE Jung-jae, HA Jung-woo, OH Dal-soo, CHO Jin-woong and CHOI Deok-moon.

Find Theaters & Showtimes Here:

CITIES: New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, Hawaii, Dallas, Washington D.C., Atlanta,New Jersey, Detroit, Houston, San Diego, Las Vegas, Boston, Toronto, Vancouver,            with more cities TBA.


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