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Iconic movie monsters breath life once again ‘Tales of Dracula’ – movie review


Last month we got our hands on the DVD from Alpha Video and filmmaker Joe DeMuro TALES OF DRACULA. This black and white spectacle was a surprisingly entertaining homage film to the Universal Monsters from the past. In this feature we find the thoughts of a Van Helsing who is following his grandfather’s traditions in search of the evil force known as Dracula. Dracula himself is looking for a new bride but things start to change when another legacy of monster mayhem Victoria Frankenstein starts to tamper with Dracula’s blood. All the while the Wolfman is looking to finally end his curse in a film that truly brings the essence of the iconic creature features from the past.

TALES OF DRACULA is the perfect Halloween movie for fans of many ages. Nowadays we mostly see these monsters in some huge comic book showdown but TALES OF DRACULA uses a more story telling approach. The role of Victoria Frankenstein by Courtney Bennett was a little off putting but overall the cast did a fine job portraying the evil characters. It was a smart idea to use the black and white set up as this allows the indie feature to really make the viewer feels if they have warped back into the past. All the creatures looked fantastic, especially the Wolfman with his Lon Chaney Jr. approved style design. The best thing about TALES OF DRACULA is use of the legacies so that each monster had an identity of it’s own. The inclusion of the vampire blood and how it may affect FRANKENSTEIN was also welcomed although towards the end most of the story started to fall apart. Still TALES OF DRACULA is a fun watch. A horror movie that your grandparents would be proud to sit and watch with you. Kudos to all involved for making this fan made film more than anyone could ever expect.

The scare factor for TALES OF DRACULA is non existent which isn’t a bad thing for the direction of the film. We live in a time where gore and jump scenes run rampant and TALES OF DRACULA wants nothing to do with it. This is purely a classically executed tale of monsters and those who care for them. So if you are looking for the big budget over the top feature then this won’t be a movie that will interest you. But those wanting a little more nostalgia,  a little more of the historically iconic feel then the TALES OF DRACULA is right up your alley!


2.5 / 5


TALES OF DRACULA is directed by Joe DeMuro and stars Dwight Kemper, Tom Delillo, Cassandra Hayes, Greta Volkova, Courtney Bennett and Joe Demuro. The film is available to purchase right now at the following link: http://www.oldies.com/product-view/1095D.html




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  1. Being involved in this movie I have seen first hand that Producer Joe De Muro was determined to pay tribute to the Universal made Classic Horror movies, Over three years of writing and about two years to film , this production could not be derailed and the amount of love and care shows on screen by Cast and Crew. The filmmakers overcame many obstacles , one being that No one is interested in Classic Monsters any longer, yet that didn’t stop this movie from being made in that Grand Old fashion of the Story is the main attraction not the CGI

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