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All’s fair in love and hunger ‘ Appetites’ – DVD review


TRUE ROMANCE, NATURAL BORN KILLERS  and of course BONNIE & CLYDE come to mind when you think of chaotic romances. Well now we have two new characters to add to the mix in John Doe and Daisy. When you think about love and how a couple can come to be little compares to journey these two take. While it’s true their romance didn’t last as long as some of the aforementioned there is still a chapel in hell reserved for these two. An Unholy union? Not quite more like a marriage of carnage and mayhem. That’s what you need to expect when laying your eyes on the intense yet surprisingly humorous feature from Cameron Casey APPETITES.


APPETITES is a straight head rush and purely entertaining. If one was to meet Daisy in the desert they probably wouldn’t mind being eaten by the sexiest cannibal in existence. The same may not be said for her brother Bubba though who with no words is downright intimidating. Doe on the other hands walks his own path and reminds you of a character plucked straight out of a Coen brothers film. His penchant for violence is sparked by something most would find harmless but to him it’s the ultimate desecration. There is no way in hell these two are meant for each other but their courtship provides a fulfilling cat and mouse dynamic that pushes any thriller over the threshold. A firecracker from start to finish APPETITES is the ultimate date movie for horror fans.


It’s hard to find movies that you don’t have to invest too much in but this feature excels in nothing but chaos. APPETITES is a very mesmerizing and hypnotic feature due to the songs of Doe. The comedy that invades most of the feature help steer you away from the down moments that occur during certain interactions between Doe and Daisy. For some they may not see this as a cult classic but it truly deserves more than one watch. Bret Roberts and Lauren Parkinson are charismatic enough to carry the feature by their lonesome but the viewer is reward when these two macabre souls finally discover each other. Sometimes you can find love in the strangest places or with the evilest people.




APPETITES is directed by Cameron Casey and stars Bret Roberts, Lauren Parkinson and Travis Eberhard. It will be available on DVD August 4th courtesy of Image Entertainment.



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