Horror Television

Scream The Series Episode 5 Recap

The most terrifying thing that could happen to anyone, when it is supposed to be such a special moment is the the world seeing your first time having sex. Now girls we all know that we want it to be special but really it hurts like a bitch and for the most part does nothing for us. 
When we reconvene in episode 5,  Emma is horrified by the fact that her first sexual encounter with Will was published through a mass text to everyone in her school. Poor Emma is humiliated and soon learns that the people she thought were the closet, are the ones she can’t trust the most. Of course she has to get a call from the ghostface killer who rubs it in her face about being the stare of the show. Soon Emma comes to find out that Brooke and Will were behind the whole thing and there was actual a bet for Will to go out with Emma. Now we all knew Will was a complete ass and Emma is was way to good for him. Brooke pleads for Emma’s forgiveness. Emma of course has a heart and after losing Riley I don’t think should could fully let Brooke go. Though Will on the other hand has no chance.  This is when our hot mysterious Kieran sees this as opportunity.


As the case still continues on who is doing all the killing, Sheriff Hudson gets the boot from the case, which is because his results aren’t getting them any closer to finding out who is doing the killings. This leads to an old friend taking over the case which I’m sure digs the knife in deeper. There is vigil for the students that have been killed at the school an the new detective on the case does ask Emma to stop by the sheriffs station so they can talk. Emma agrees no problem. During the vigil Emma is giving a speech about Riley. She is gazing into the crowd, trying to hold it together when she sees ghostface staring straight at her in the mist of people. Soon after they lock eyes she gets a video and text from him on her phone threatening her that if she rats him out to the detective that the next heart that will show up on her door step will be her mothers.


The new detective still has the opportunity to talk with Emma but she dismisses all the weird harassing phone calls and texts when questioned about them. It is explained to Emma that she feels the connection between all the murders has to do with her and her family. As the clues that were left behind were only for the medical examiner to detect, which of course is Emma’s mother and the only survivor of Brandon James is Emma’s dad.

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