Canadian Horror

Throwback slasher ‘Dark Forest’ in theaters next week

It’s been a second since we have heard any news from up north on films heading our way but that changed late last month. The folks over at Zell-Koj Studios is set to premiere their homage slasher DARK FOREST to the masses on August 14th. The film is directed by a collective of filmmakers David Zellis, Roger Boyer, Craig Guiboche, and Shelly Anthis. DARK FOREST will be hosted at the TOWNE 8 CINEMA and the entire cast and crew are local to the Winnipeg area. Read on for the details and hopefully we can get our hands on a review screener to tell you all the goods soon.

“Emily is in a abusive relationship with her boyfriend Peter. Her best friends Michelle, Jolene, and Francine plan a camping trip and she sneaks off with them for the weekend. Peter is furious and searches the woods for his girlfriend, killing anyone who stands in his way.”

Dark Forest was shot in and around the Winnipeg area, and has an all local Cast & Crew. Zell-Koj Studio are making leaps and bounds, self distributing the film; with a DVD and Blu-Ray release already in the works. Seldom do independent film companies in Manitoba go straight to the multiplex theatres, but Zell-Koj is confident in the audience of horror buffs that it hopes to attract this August.


Zell-Koj Studio is a production company based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Zell-Koj is a business comprised of local filmmakers: David Zellis, Roger Boyer, Craig Guiboche, and Shelly Anthis. Dark Forest is their debut feature film.


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