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‘The Strain’ S2 Episode 4 Recap “The Silver Angel”

This episode of The Strain started off a lot differently than we’re used to. In black and white, we see clips of a Spanish-language B-horror film about a luchador, named “Angel de la Plata” (The Silver Angel), fighting off vampires. It’s pretty awesome, and frankly, I wouldn’t mind watching a whole episode about that. But that’s neither here nor, there. What really matters is that we were introduced to a new character this season; Angel Hurtado (Joaquin Cosio) is now a dishwasher in Tandoori Palace and seems to sadly re-live his memories through watching his films in the basement of the restaurant.

Back in Brooklyn, Fet (Kevin Durand), Nora (Mia Maestro), and Eph (Corey Stoll) drive into the streets to release their newly-infected vamp to see if it will successfully trasmit the virus to the others- all with the soothing sounds of CCR’s “Fortunate Son” to set the scene. With it being close to sunrise, they follow the strigoi to a psychiatric hospital where he goes night-night with a nest of buddies. All they can do is wait until dark to see if their plan worked.

We find Gus (Miguel Gomez) back in Harlem after the failed kidnap attempt on Palmer (Jonathan Hyde). The episode never lets us know if anything else came of Vaun and his crew but I guess we can assume they’re toast. (RIP) Gus ends up in Tandoori Palace for “something that tastes like spaghetti” and meets an already-disapproving Angel when he catches the eye of a young and pretty Aanya Gupta (Parveen Kaur). Another possible romance? Yawwwn. Later on, Gus stops Angel in the alley behind the restaurant to say he recognized him from his movies. Of course, Angel denies it and makes him leave. Despite having a bum knee and being a little old (hey, it never stopped Setrakian), I can only hope him and Gus eventually team up.

In one of the more boring parts of the episode, Setrakian (David Bradley) and Dutch (Ruda Gedmintas) head to Staten Island after noticing that Fitzwilliam (Roger R. Cross) resigned from Stoneheart and may have info on the Occido Lumen.

Is it flashback time? Why not! Back to Palmer and Setrakian’s quest for the Lumen, they find themselves in a nunnery in Austria where a young boy tells them Mother Superior destroyed the book because it was cursed. Setrakian goes off chasing some screams and leaves Eldritch in the library when Eichorst (Richard Sammel) pops in and tells him if he’s looking for the secrets for eternity, he has all the answers. Now we’re getting closer to the whole truth behind the three men’s connections.

There’s more annoying Zach (Max Charles) as Eph decides to actually spend quality time with him that doesn’t involve shoving his face into a vampire’s and telling him his mom is dead. He takes his son to a batting cage where things go smoothly for a hot minute before Zach catches feels about his mom again and ruins the mood. Fun time is over!

With councilwoman Feraldo (Samantha Mathis) in Red Hook ready to kill me vamps, Palmer is in Manhattan at the Federal Reserve Bank where he assembled a meeting with all the major heads of major banks and investment companies. In a not surprisingly nefarious twist, the meeting was a major ploy to unleash an attack he planned, led by Bolivar (Jack Kesy), to slaughter every one.

The final scenes are where it gets really interesting. Eph and Nora find out the virus works but the Master is on to them as he taps into the infected strigoi and starts making them kill themselves. In a creepy scene straight out of M. Night’s The Happening, we see the vamps jumping to their deaths in slow motion. Fet without Dutch is a badass still as he decides to go out on his own to destroy subway tunnel to stop the vampires from getting into Red Hook. Of course it doesn’t go smoothly as shortly after denoting the explosives, he gets his ass kicked by some vampire-hunting Gestapo types (complete with bio-hazard armbands). What will become of Fet? I guess we’ll have to see! To round out the episode, we see Zach’s mom, Kelly (Natalie Brown) hot on their trail with her dirt kids at the batting cage. It seems to be only a matter of time before she finally catches up with them!

While “The Silver Angel” may have lacked in the action department, it gave us a few more morsels of the Setrakian/Palmer/Eichorst back story and introduced an interesting new character. If it picks up the pace a bit more next week, we should be looking forward to some fun stuff.



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