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Short Film Spotlight: ‘Help Me Have No Human Ways’


Finally Luciano Imperoli has returned to HMU! He with the folks at Filmiracle Productions are back with another mesmerizing short film. The same team that brought us favorites such as THE COLD EYES OF DEATH and VIOLETS BLOOM AT AN EMPTY GRAVE are at it once again with a different type of flair to their latest production HELP ME HAVE NO HUMAN WAYS. More of a sci fi art house styled short the film features an amazing soundtrack and composition courtesy of SAWYER. Read the description and see the short ahead and with any spotlight our own head editor Travis Brown has a brief review on the short. Enjoy!

HELP ME HAVE NO HUMAN WAYS is a short experimental sci-fi film briefly visiting Ti and Do’s Next Level teachings. With writing-consultation & soundtrack provided by ex-Heaven’s Gate Cult member Sawyer, you can expect something thought-provoking and quite literally “out of this world.” Narrated by Italian cinema veterans Franco Garofalo (Hell of the Living Dead, The Other Hell) and Daniela Giordano (Miss Italia 1966!)





This time the tables have been turned upside down as we see Luciano’s latest short. This is the type of film you would see playing in the background in a nightclub on loop as not to miss the delicate nature of the short. The music by SAWYER is both subtle and hypnotizing and almost creates a jazz type of feel as you cruise through the ten minutes. This genre inspired short may not be Imperioli’s best work but truly adds a new level to the range and dimension this filmmaker is capable of. With the talent he posses we are dying for a full length feature but terrified that it could go over our heads as we try and figure of his gifted madness. It is once again a privileged to see the work brought on Filmiracle and honored that they continue to send their projects our way. HELP ME HAVE NO HUMAN WAYS is an obscure and thought provoking experience told in a way only this Italian filmmaker can provide.

-Travis Brown (Horror Movies Uncut)



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