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PA from hell ‘I-Lived’ – DVD review

Smart phone technology is so cute these days isn’t it? All jokes aside we live in a time where the thoughts of privacy and personal security have been thrown out of the window. Last year we covered a film called APP which involved a young lady dealing with an phone app that was controlling and ruining her life. So what happens when a young man reviews an app that acts as of personal life coach and gives you everything you desire? In the Franck Khalfoun feature I-LIVED that’s what we see but unfortunately this download also has a mind of it’s own and that mind wants you to follow it’s lead or face some deadly consequences. While not as over the top and action crazy as the Dutch horror I-LIVED provides a closer terror in the smartphone obsessed world we currently reside in.


I-LIVED tells the story of Josh (Jeremiah Watkins) who has less than popular YouTube channel where he reviews apps. He has downloaded the I-LIVED app which is a life management application helping people find success. After a small run he is less than pleased with the outcome until it helps him land the best looking woman in the bar. From there he does all the app asks but starts to realize that some of the requests are a little sinister and disgruntled. Once he decides to stop following the app’s advice it opens up a world full of nightmares that he may never recover from. Smart and crafty I-LIVED is a film that puts the thinking man’s hat on the horror industry. There is an air of mystery around I-LIVED which helps the story progress as well. Fans of the hit wrestling show “Lucha Underground” will also get a kick out of seeing the minical Luis Fernandez-Gil (Dario Cueto on LU) playing a role in the film. Just like APP the film asked you to download an actual app to your phone that enhances the experience of the film.


Honestly one of the best aspects of the movie is the app sequence. While it seemed about half a second off from the film (think you internet speed is a factor connected to wifi) it really helps push the I-LIVED along. The app allows you not only to experience what Josh is going through but places his current predicament in the palm of your hands. That experience alone is worth more than one viewing of the film. There does seem to be some type of supernatural element to film but it’s really not pressed upon. I-LIVED is more of just a technology thriller with a solid enough story to keep you attention. Hopefully the film won’t get passed up in the oversaturation of horror films dealing with the outlets we all use these days. So if you are looking for some interactive fun to have with a well done thriller I-LIVED is worth your rental!


3.5 / 5


I-LIVED is now on available on DVD. It is directed by Franck Khalfoun and stars Jeremiah Watkins. It is released courtesy of XLrator Media.



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