Scream The Series Episodes 6,7,&8 Recap

With the business of the last few episodes of SCREAM THE SERIES we decided to give you the recaps of Episodes 6, 7 and 8 all in one shot from Heather Lee, enjoy!

Episode 6


Deep in the middle of the woods on a blanket Emma and Kieran are getting hot and heavy, the make out season is nothing but intense and we all know that the sexual heat is there. After Emma and Kieran do the deed, Emma decides it is time to face her fears and she wants to go to Brandon James house. I mean what’s the perfect way to over come anything, but go head on? While in the house Emma gets a phone call from ghostface. Emma tells him not to hurt Kieran as she realizes he has disappeared. Ghostface precedes to tell Emma, who do you think idea, it really was to come to the house? Emma starts to run and can’t get out of the house. All of sudden Ghostface is there and stabs her. He is then on top of her and she is about to get stabbed again…..then beep beep beep Emma’s alarm goes off. It was all a dream.
Emma goes downstairs to catch Sheriff Hudson doing the walk of shame and her mom completely embarrassed. Emma of course is ok with it but don’t you think it’s a little weird she is having sex dreams and also make out sessions with her mothers boyfriends son? Could be interesting story to see unfold.
Though back at school, Noah finds out that Mr. Bronson doesn’t exist. He is for sure using a fake name and Noah and Audrey are onto him, which he slowly starts to figure out. Though the Mr. Bronson mystery doesn’t unfold so soon, but the story continues to get more interesting. Will makes a deal with Piper to give her a story to make him look like the good guy and the mysterious Audrey moves up the suspect latter.
Starting with Audrey, detective Brock find some suspicious evidence from the night Noah, Emma and Audrey were at the hospital. Audrey’s DNA was found on the Ghostface mask that was found there. The detective brings Audrey in for questioning by first pulling her out of Mr. Bronson’s class where all the suspect friends are. The whispers start. Audrey is being question first on Rachel’s death, but the describe starts to move to the motive of Nina. That Rachel was the only one who could give Audrey an alibi for her on the night of Nina’s murder and she is dead. Audrey’s dad finally arrived and soon after pulls the detective out of the room which gives Audrey the chance to call Emma for a huge favor. She asks Emma to go to her  place and find the SD card marked the night that Nina was killed and to destroy it. She also asks her to please not look at it. Before the cops get to Audrey’s house to do a search, Emma and Noah are able to get the SD card, but the detective knows something is off as Noah and Emma had to break a window to get in.
Emma goes home after her and Noah watch the video and Emma’s mother decides to make her most important confession. She takes Emma to where it all began for the true story of Brandon James….back to the house she grew up in. Brandon, wasn’t a stalker of Maggie but a close childhood friend who in the course of there relationship, people ended up taking things the wrong way. Brandon and Maggie would write notes to each other, confide in each other. Brandon only wanted to project Maggie which everyone around her only saw him as a freak and Maggie never stood up for him which she regrets to this day. She lets Emma know to always believe what your heart feels about your friends and stand up for them before it is to late. Emma takes her advice and sets the record straight for Audrey and gives a great alibi.
Know before I had mentioned a deal between Piper and Will. Will wants to try and win Emma back and is giving Piper one of the stores that will make that happen. Mayor Maddox shows up to the place that Will and Jake always meet him to collect the money they are blackmailing him for. Though this time there are no masks, no guns, just Will trying to be the nice guy and do the right thing. He gives the mayor back all the money the got and also the last remaining tape of him removing something body like from his truck. The mayor had plans to shoot Will but didn’t bc Will was trying to do the right thing. After the Mayor leaves Piper comes out from the shadows. As they talk, the Ghostface killer comes out of know where and stabs Will and knocks Piper to the ground. There is a struggle and all of a sudden Will is screaming and being dragged off to his possible death.
Episode 7 


In the Trenches, jumps right back into place where the last episode ended. Piper wakes up from a hard hit to the head and is a little dazed when she realizes Will is missing, Her head is pounding, bleeding from the side. She starts to stagger around the abandoned building where she see a trail of blood. Quickly the scene changes to show Will being gagged and bound in a strange location. Will starts to come to and Ghostface appears in from of him warning him to be quiet or else.


As the day begins and none of Wills friends know about what has happened to him, Emma and her mother Maggie have a little mother daughter time in the kitchen. Maggie is preparing sausage and kale for a dinner she is having with Sheriff Clark later that night and lets Emma know Kieran will be attending. Emma acts surprised, but her mother can read between the lines. She asks Emma about her and Kieran’s relationship and if they are also dating. What a weird situation that would be for mother and daughter to be dating father and son. Emma tells her mother that Kieran and her are just friends, which of course is a lie and that weird situation is actually happening. Maggie lets Emma know how glad she is that she told Emma the truth behind her’s and Brandon James relationship, but was it really all the truth? Emma then questions about her father and how Maggie and him made it through all of the horror that took place that night. Maggie says she was able to coup with it all but her father didn’t have the strength to put it all behind him to move on.

It’s just another day, at the teens high school. Noah and Audrey are joking around about Audrey’s arrest.  I mean Noah is in full support as he wears a t-shirt with Audrey on it saying free Audrey. As the two walk through the halls they talk about continue to try narrow down who the next suspect is , they go back to Mr. Branson. Noah let’s Audrey know that Mr. Branson’s finger prints aren’t on file and that his computer has all of sudden been scrubbed of all malware and any incriminating evidence that could make him a suspect of the being the Ghostface killer. Noah and Audrey arrive at Mr. Branson’s classroom to only make there suspicions even more when there is a substitute teacher in the classroom.


Brooke and Jake continue to talk about her mothers disappearance and they decided to let Emma in on the little secret of Will trying to blackmail her father. While the three are having a discussion, Piper shows up out of know where and tells Emma that they need to talk. Piper takes the three of them to the abandon warehouse that her and Will went to meet with Brooke’s dad. During this time Jake has no choice but to come clean about his involvement to Brooke and Emma. Brooke is of course disgusted but is to caught up in the moment to get fully pissed. Piper explains to Emma what happened the night Will and her went to meet with the Mayor. That Will was really trying to do the right thing and that Will saved her from the Ghostface killer. Piper then takes them to the brick wall that clearly has a message to Emma saying ” No Cops Emma”. After the group sees the message Emma immediately gets a call from Ghostface. He tells her the game isn’t about choosing anymore, it has now turned into a game of hide and seek. Meaning she has only a limited amount of time to find Will before he becomes his next victim.

Emma wants to go on a frantic hunt for Will but she needs the help of Noah to track down where Will’s phone is, since Ghostface used his phone to call her. Noah was able to track Will’s phone down to an abandon bowling alley.  The group gets together and arrives to the bowling alley. As soon as they do Kieran calls Emma to find out where she is for their awkward dinner with their parents. Emma asks Kieran to cover for her and to say she is helping Audrey study for her missed midterms. That she has to take care of something. He lets her know he will but she owes him big. Jake, Emma, Brooke and Noah decided to split up and meet around the back so they can look for a entrance to get in. Emma and Noah are the first to find an open door. Though this door being open just seems to easy.  Jake and Brooke, finally end up with them and they all enter the abandon bowling alley.

Once inside the decision is made to separate again. While they are separated Brooke and Jake have flirtatious conversation. Jake ends up leaving Brooke alone to run to the bathroom. Brooke is alone in the creepy empty bowling alley and she starts to hear some rustling. All of sudden Brooke has a run in with Ghostface. Brooke is screaming and runs the other direction. While Noah and Emma are on there search she figures out the riddle that Ghostface gives her and they end up finding Will, barely breathing and unconscious. Will is hanging in what seems to be the control room. Brooke is now with them and they cut Will down. Emma is frantic and wishing Will to come too. Will does come too but is in a lot of pain from the cut on his stomach. They bandage his cut with duck tape. Will tries to get up but he is still in pain from something on his back. Ghostface had carved B4 in the middle of his back. Emma gets to searching and finds a drawer marked with that letter and number. She finds Brandon James time card wrapped around a tape.

The groups realizes that Jake is still missing and they need to find him quick. Emma is the first to flee since she is determined to listen to the tape and knows that Ghostface wants her to listen. Once Emma has left, the group decides to make there own run for it, but as soon as the door opens Ghostface is there welding his knife. They all try to keep him from coming in. Brooke escapes first, then following is Noah. Will is left to fight to keep the main door closed and finally does and gets free himself. Brooke ends up finding Jake with a knife stuck straight in his chest. He is barely awake. Brooke is able to get the knife out of his chest. While this is going on you are flung into the chase between Emma and Ghostface. As he is about to strike Emma, Will comes out of no where and flings himself at Ghostface. He tackles him to the ground. While all this craziness is happening the cops show up. Audrey had called Noah while they were trapped in the control room and was able to get to Sheriff Clark and Maggie to let them know they were in trouble.  Go Audrey to save the day. Everyone is now safe…. for the moment.

Emma during this whole thing starts to realize her feelings for Will haven’t gone away. Kieran can tell and knows she needs time. He lets Emma know he knows what he wants, She just needs to figure it out herself. Later Will calls Emma to get her to come over and watch movies since he is bed ridden. Emma agrees. After picking up some candy and arriving to Will’s house she gets a phone call from Will’s phone. Of course she questions who it really is and comes to find it is Ghostface. He tells her the game is still on but the stakes have changed. It is not her choice anymore it is only her actions that will get Will killed. He suggest to Emma that she runs! Emma run’s through the barn at Will’s place to find Will tied to a chair in front of a tractor type machine with a long sharp blade, running very close to Will’s head. Emma freak’s and runs towards him not knowing that Ghostface had laid a trip wire. Will’s eyes go wide not being able to scream since he is gagged. Emma trips the wire and the blade moves forward. The camera turns to Emma, she is in straight horror as only she is seeing the blade cut through Will and we only see her getting covered in Will’s blood.

Episode 8


Flashes of Will’s bloody, torn, flesh and the gears of the tractor covered in blood. Maggie’s voice comes in as the narrative as she is going over the the news of Will’s untimely death. You see Emma covered in Will’s blood and slowly walking away from the scene in complete shock. Uttering no words and covered in blood you see Emma walk straight pasts Will’s mother who just looks at her confused. You see Will’s mom walk towards the back of the farm, while hearing Maggie explain that she was the one you identified the body and could only identify it because she new what Will was wearing. You see her drop the bag of groceries and scream. The camera pans back slowly and you all you see is the split in half head to torso of Will’s body. Welcome to episode 8 of Scream, Ghost.


Emma has literally been thrown into a bad dream sequence that is never going to end. Maggie and Sheriff Hudson are worried about, what this trauma will do to Emma. She gets put on anti-depressents and is hesitant to take them. She continues to listen to the tape she found in the bowling alley of her dad saying he can’t believe she would sleep with him. Referring to Maggie and Brandon James.  Emma has pretty much gone numb and she feels she is ready to return to school after really not taking enough time to herself. As Emma walks into school the students are shocked to see her, the whispers start and the conversations between the students are obvious to Emma but she continues to walk through the halls as if nothing is wrong. Noah and Audrey are the first of her friends she sees in the halls.

The two of them are as shocked as everyone else that Emma has returned so soon. They try to comfort her but aren’t having the best of luck when all three of them run into Will’s locker which has been covered in pictures and memories. Emma quickly takes off and Kieran is the next one she runs into. Giving her a hug, he seems to be the only one who has given her some comfort but that is only because he didn’t ask any questions. Obviously Emma appreciates it, but she needs time. Though time really isn’t on Emma’s side as she is starting to have hallucinations of bloody split head Will in the hallways in school and really everywhere. He is trying to tell her something but she can’t quite figure it out. Will always has a bloody heart key chain in his hands that he is trying to give Emma.What is her subconscious trying to tell her? Only time will tell and a visit from her father.

Emma ends up getting admitted to the hospital due to lack of sleep and just pure shock from what happened to Will. During her time in the hospital  her subconscious starts directing her to find out what really is going on. Her father comes in to see her which starts to trigger her memory of the day he left. She follows him out into the hall where she ends up in the maternity ward. All of sudden reality hits and her father has disappeared but she is still standing in the maternity ward. It hits Emma, and she knows exactly what she needs to look for. She gets on her computer and instant messages Audrey to send her the video they took while at the abandon hospital. She remembers seeing flashes of things, X-rays that were being displayed. One that sicks out the most is a sonogram of a baby. Emma is looking at this in the video when her mother comes walking in to her hospital room.

Emma asks Maggie what this is. Maggie tells her the truth about the tape she heard of her father and what that really meant. Brandon James and her, had one night of passion after Maggie found out Emma’s dad was cheating on her. She ended up getting pregnant and had the baby. Hers and Brandon James baby.  She ended up giving the baby up for adoption but has no idea if it was a boy or a girl. Could he/she be Ghostface?


In the meantime, Noah and Audrey continue to do there hunt on Br. Branson. Noah explains that it makes perfect sense for him to hide in plain site. The two them break into Mr. Branson’s classroom after school hours to continue there search. Audrey tells Noah she thinks she sees something hidden in the vent. Low and behold the killers knife is found in a plastic bag. This is the proof the two of them need to finally call in the police. Noah calls Sheriff Hudson and lets him know what they found. Noah also finds out some other interesting information on Mr. Branson. That he isn’t who he says he is. His actual name is Seth Palmer. Seth Palmer used to teach at another school where he was accused of sleeping with an 18 yr old student in his class who ended up turning up dead. All of sudden Seth Palmer is no where to be found and Mr. Branson shows up in Lakewood. Now this rings a bell ! After finally convincing Sheriff Hudson, he puts an APB out on Mr. Branson.

While all of this going on Brooke is in the process of confronting her father the Mayor who has been arrested after Piper gave the video to Sheriff Hudson of the body that the Mayor was pulling out of his trunk. Brooke finally gets the truth out of her father and also gets to speak to her mother who is really in rehab. The Mayor was simply trying to save face for the family after finding her mothers druggy friend overdosed in there guest bedroom with no ID. He decided to just dispose of the body himself then call the police. Brooke tells him she is done with cleaning up the families mess and leaves. She immediately calls Mr. Branson and meets him at the school in the theater. Brooke needs affection and he is the only one she wants it from. During there heavy make out session Mr. Branson leaves because he there is something suspicious going on. Brooke is left alone when all of sudden she is in the spotlight and there is a shadow figure in the audience. As Brooke stands there only in her bra and underwear she is teasing Mr. Branson who she thinks is there. All of sudden Ghostface is there and Brooke is getting attacked. He gets one good slice in on her arm, when Mr. Branson shows up out of know where and the police rad the theatre. Mr. Branson is arrested for his suspicious activity and Brooke is there confused and naked.



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