Film4 Fright Fest

F4FF2015 Don’t let it escape from the house ‘Demonic’ – movie review


Screening at this years FILM4 FRIGHTFEST is the James Wan produced DEMONIC. The film is directed by Will Canon and involves a group of students searching for answers after one of them starts seeing visions. There is also a cop (Frank Grillo) who has the night off but is unexpectedly called to the scene of the crime. When he arrives he encounters a blood bath, a missing girl and only one survivor. This survivor holds the key to events that played out that night and DEMONIC retraces the steps while this figure is being questioned. Part found footage flick, DEMONIC is a very well done possession film with a little bit of mystery and intrigue to keep the viewer entertained.

Once fans see the film has a “FF” angle it will cause many to sour so the inclusion of the normal narrative aspect will be welcoming. John (Dustin Milligan) has been having visions about a house where a certain infamous tragedy has happen. His girlfriend Michelle (Cody Horn) has group of friends who are paranormal investigators. They all feel this is the perfect situation to prove that what they do is no hoax. So they convince John to go with them to this house where evil awaits. The detective summons the station’s psychologist (Maria Bello) to the house to speak with the survivor and try to piece together all the happenings on this dreadful night.


DEMONIC excels at traditional scares but unfortunately the subject matter is just too familiar. Still the film is shown through so many perspectives allows it to move in a great pace. The cast has great rapport and the overall execution of DEMONIC follows the scope of most of the films of this caliber. The over-saturation of the found footage genre is too hard to deny which is why some will be pressed to give this a bad review. It’s not how is should be as DEMONIC is put together quite well and satisfies the elements that make up a solid horror film. A well written story and a good amount of scares is all you need right? Well DEMONIC delivers those and more.


DEMONIC is directed by Will Canon and stars Frank Grillo, Maria Bello, Dustin Milligan, Cody Horn, Scott Mechlowicz and Aaron Yoo. It is being released courtesy of Dimension.


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