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F4FF2015 An intervention of evil on a out of this world scale ‘POD’ – movie review


Psycho babble, government conspiracies and windows drenched in tin foil are always a good recipe for a sci fiction thriller. In Mickey Keating’s feature POD we see a brother and sister trying to help their PTSD suffering brother from destroying the rest of his life. The brother won’t have it as he is convinced he has found a new evil not from this world. What starts as an intervention becomes a hellish nightmare that they may not survive. POD is a fun and thought provoking film that was a great mix of a sci fi thriller and psychological horror.

What is Martin (Brian Morvant) hiding in the basement and has he finally lost his marbles? That’s what his brother and sister Lyla (Lauren Ashley Carter) and Ed (Dean Cates) seem to believe. He is hell bent on convincing them that he has found some new form of evil that has also attacked him altering his vision. Of course his siblings don’t buy it but the denial of his truth is the worst mistake they could make. POD is a fast paced, dark and gritty thriller very reminiscent of IFC Midnight’s ALMOST HUMAN. The evil of the film is a bit more contained than the aforementioned but the ending results are similar. POD has a lot of substance for such a small cast but really hits the points of conspiracy theories and and other X File types of moments. As the viewer tries to piece what’s going on with Martin you can’t wait to see what is truly lurking behind the closed off door.


There are plenty of scares in the latter portion of POD but the true darkness resides in the family dynamic. Trusting a loved one is always hard to do when they have gone so far off the rocker. POD uses this to draw in the viewer before the true terror is unleashed. This film is better than expected and well written. The look and feel of POD only adds to the madness that is being felt by each character. There is a hysteria that resides in this film mixed with tons of screaming from the cast. POD will be one of the better sci fi movies of the year and one that should intrigue any fan curious to what hides in the dark or better yet in the skies.


POD is directed by Mickey Keating and stars Lauren Ashley Carter, Dean Cates and Brian Morvant.




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