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F4FF2015 Trick or feast? ‘Tales of Halloween’ – movie review

Oh baby, baby, baby!!!! FrightFest this year was fantastic and the stand out film for me had to be Tales of Halloween. Wow, I mean just wow.

I can be skeptical when it comes to anthology films, it is a hard one to get it right. I personally don’t mind if they aren’t joined together in narrative but also enjoy if they are (Trick R Treat does it fabulously). Tales of Halloween features shorts by Neil Marshall, Lucky McGee, Mike Mendez and 7 other known horror directors. What entails is a smorgasbordof gore, laughs and shocks by film makers who are obvious big fans of the horror genre. Even though they are all quite different in material and written and directed by different film makers they all have similar taste/humour levels which joins them together as a feature film and feels right. 

The two highlights for me were Ding Dong by Lucky McGee (director of a favourite May) and Friday the 31st by Mike Mendez which is so god damn funny I nearly peed myself from laughing so much. Ding Dong is definitely weird but my sort of weird with an amazing performance by Pollyanna McIntosh. Not all of them are crazy hilarious as some have straight scares like Grim Grinning Ghost by Axelle Carolyn (married to Neil Marshall) which is beautiful in its cinematography and has the terror to match. The weaker shorts still work and don’t seem too out of place when compared to the others, they all have unique stories to tell with a lot of fresh aesthetics that differ from generic horror films.

Sitting in the cinema I didn’t want it to end, the laughs just kept on coming (sometimes too many, not allowing me to breathe) and seeing it in a room filled with horror fans was the cherry on top.

Tales of Halloween is truly for horror fans, with hundreds of references to other horror films. The directors don’t give two shits if its palatable to a mainstream audience and have made films out of love for the genre and by doing so have breathed new life into the horror anthology film. Go see Tales of Halloween.


TALES OF HALLOWEEN is directed by Darren Lynn Bousman, Axelle Carolyn, Adam Gierasch, Andrew Kasch, John Skipp, Neil Marshall, Lucky McKee, Mike Mendez, David Parker, Ryan Schifrin and Paul Solet.


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