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Scream The Series Episode 10 Recap

In this final episode we start off with Emma and her mother back at the dance, watching the video that is being played on the screen of Sheriff Hudson bloody and tied to a tree. Maggie tells Emma that Mr. Branson has escaped from prison and killed a guard. There was lots of blood but it all looks to staged. Piper comes up and tells Emma not to trust anyone and of course the first person she calls is Kieran. Emma leaves Kieran a message which Kieran ignores. We see Kieran polishing and loading a gun. Emma finds Noah in the gym and tells him of Mr. Bransons escape . During this time Ghostface calls Emma and lets her know that if Emma doesn’t put the pieces together he will break Daisy’s heart. Emma decides to text Brooke to warn her that Ghostface called, Sheriff Hudson has been kidnapped and Seth has escaped. Though for some reason Brooke isn’t receiving Emma’s texts and Emma isn’t receiving Brooke’s. So the communication is lost.

Emma decides to go to see her mother at the police station to warn her of Ghostface message. Maggie of course thinks he is going to kill Sheriff Hudson but they are only in need of finding clues. Maggie looks into the body of the dead police officer and finds a heart shaped necklace in his throat. Maggie tells Emma that Brandon used to leave her gifts in the tree behind her house. That is when they both come to the conclusion that Sheriff Hudson could be there.

Back at Brooke’s party the only familiar face for her is Audrey. Audrey and Brooke are worried about Emma but Brooke isn’t so convinced that Kieran is the killer. This is when the two have there first real bonding moment which is sweet and kind of sentimental. Jake of course shows up and has a douche bag comment about girl and girl action. Typical I would say.

Emma and Maggie with a few other policeman follow the clues to Maggie’s old house where they find Sheriff Hudson tied to the same tree that Brandon would leave the gifts for her. He is barely alive until Maggie tries to remove him from the tree and his guts fall to the ground. Ghostface always has something up his sleeve and death to follow it.

Piper shows up to the crime scene where Maggie is heartbroken and blames herself . Emma tells her mom that there was nothing she could have done. Ghostface wanted her to feel the same thing she did with Will. Nothing but guilt.

Piper promises Brooke that she will go to check on Brooke and everyone at her party to warn them. Noah soon contacts Emma to tell her he found out that the service that Mr. Branson was using to access the webcams also cuts off access to messages and texts. He is being smart and is cutting Emma off from everyone. Ghostface then texts Emma and tells her no cops or they all will be headline news. Noah and Emma head over to Brooke’s to face the fear and death.

Back at the party Jake’s random girl he brings finds the first victim in the bathroom. She screams and
all the attention is brought to the room and people in the party disperse in fear. Audrey comes over to find out what is going on and sees the blood start to pool out the door. She turns and there is Ghostface grabbing her by the throat, then nothing but darkness. She only gets to ask what are you waiting for? Brooke comes back from the wine cellar to an empty house and party. Calling for Jake and Audrey she turns to go inside and all of sudden Seth shows up. He is pleading for her to believe him and that he is innocent. He was set up and that he treasures there relationship. I just want to vomit but Brooke doesn’t fall for it. She starts to lock all the doors while Seth is still outside pleading with her. She realizes she misses one door and runs as he does to try and get in. All of sudden everything goes to black and before it does the look on Seth Branson’s face is nothing but cynical mischief. Then bam the lights come on and Ghostface is standing right in front of her.

Brooke runs to her basement and does the worst thing you can do in any horror movie, she jumps into a freezer and hides. You are just asking to be locked in and killed. That is exactly what happens. Ghostface finds her and puts a lock on the fridge. Brooke screams and the freezer starts to roll. Ghostface stabs the freezer, while Brooke screams for her life, she try’s to avoid the knife coming through and gets cut up pretty bad. Then it stops but she soon realizes it is starting to get cold. Ghostface has plugged in the freezer. Looks like it will be chilled frozen Brooke for dinner.

Noah and Emma show up to the house where they see Pipers car and the door open, covered in blood. Her glasses are on the ground and no Piper to be found. They both decide to go towards the house. All of sudden they come to a corner and there is Kieran with a gun drawn. Emma is threaten by Kieran and doesn’t trust him. She starts questioning him and tells him that she wants to believe him but doesn’t. She tells him that Cassie James claimed he was Brandon James son. Kieran claims that Sheriff Clark is the only father he has known and it isn’t him. Emma realizes that Kieran doesn’t know about his dad and tells him the news. He is heart broken and gives Emma the gun to use if she really thinks he could kill his own father. Emma has her moment of weakness and falls into trusting Kieran again and so does Noah.

They take off to find the others in the house, music is playing but no one is to be found. They split up and each take a weapon. Noah goes to the back and finds Audrey’s missing bag and camera. Emma and Kieran are still together when they run into Jake. Jake explains he can’t find anyone when they hear a sound. Its the freezer and Brooke is pounding. They rescue her but she is freezing, but OK. Jake stays with Brooke as Emma and Kieran go look for Audrey. Brooke lets them know that Seth has shown up . Noah is still walking around outside when he finds the first dead body and then Audrey appears out of know where. At the same time Emma and Kieran are coming out of the house and find the two of them.

All the group is together but you can tell they are questioning each other. Emma goes into the house to try and call her mom to bring help when the phone rings. It’s Ghostface. He tells Emma congrats on the win but it isn’t finished, he told her it starts with Daisy but ends with her. You can’t have one without the other. Ghostface has her mom at the lake where Brandon James died. He tells her she has to come alone or more of her friends will die.

Emma gets to the lake to find her mother tied to a chair. Maggie is slightly bloody and gagged. She is trying to warn Emma to go away . She tells Emma she shouldn’t have come, Ghostface shows up and Emma tells him she is here, no more games and no more masks, Ghostface looks at her and slowly removes the mask, it’s Piper behind the mask. So Brandon and Daisy aka Maggie had a baby girl. The look in Pipers face is nothing but crazed hatred. Emma is in disbelief. Piper explains that her forgetting close to Emma was all in the game and that she has had it all planned from the beginning. Emma will die first and Maggie will have to watch, Seth Branson will be the fall guy and no one will know it is piper who is the killer. Emma has a knife behind her back and swings at Piper, but Piper gets the first blow and slashes Emma across the stomach. Slowly pushing Emma closer to the lake and Maggie. Maggie has set her self free and tackles Maggie. Piper stabs Maggie in the side and then goes back for Emma. As Piper is about to make the last stab, you hear a loud bang and Piper falls into the lake shot just like her father. Emma turns to find Audrey standing with the gun in her hands. Emma and Audrey are crawling towards Maggie when Piper resurfaces to make one last attempt and Emma grabs the gun and shoots Piper dean in the head. Piper falls back into the lake and Emma just states they always come back.

The next morning the cops are searching for Pipers body but aren’t having any luck. Maggie is being taken to the hospital and Emma and her have a mother daughter moment. Emma apologizes to Kieran for not believing him. Noah and Audrey have there moment of killer conclusion and Audrey is the hero of the day. But is Audrey really the hero…..or just a player in more mystery to come. Until next season!


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