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F4FF 2015 Peru does found footage well ‘The Enity’ – movie review

We’ve all watched messed up videos on the Internet (hello, 2 Girls 1 Cup), and we’ve all seen the “reaction” videos that is basically just what the title suggests- people watch the messed up videos and film themselves “reacting” to the content. The Entity (La Entidad) (not to be confused with the 1982 rapey ghost film) uses that simple premise but mixes a nice, little curse in to give us a pretty spooky found footage film straight outta Peru.


I’m pretty sure that this is the only Peruvian horror film I’ve ever seen, but I’m also pretty sure that Peru is not known for it’s horror. That being said, The Entity was surprisingly good, especially when you consider that the director’s (Eduardo Schuldt) work mostly consists of animated comedy films. His foray into horror wasn’t a bad move.

The cast did a decently good job and it seemed like no one had a role more important than the other. Everyone was given enough screen time to give you their personalities despite never getting any major character development from them. My only complaint was that the “lead” female, Carla (Daniella Mendoza), felt a little forced at times but other than that everyone else managed to work around it.

The director used many different set locations to amp up the dread and scares, especially in the scenes shot in the cemetary, which was actually quite beautiful and filled with eerie statues of angels and such. Even a scene set in a dark library manages to give a good scare. The creature/demon itself was CGI but instead of showing us anything full on and taking away from the fear, the director kept it to just appearing in an almost tranparent way and in quick shots.

The Entity definitely doesn’t reinvent the wheel by any means, but it’s a good add-in to the found footage sub-genre. If Schuldt does any more horror, I wouldn’t be opposed to checking it out. I definitely want to see more of what Peru has to offer to the horror world.


The ENTITY is directed by Eduardo Schuldt and stars Rodrigo Falla, Daniella Mendoza, Carlos Casella Mario Gaviria and Analú Polanco. 


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