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Independence of a nation through gun smoke and deceit ‘Assassination’ – movie review


There was a time in history when South Korea was ruled by an emerging Japanese empire. A time where loyalties were key in the salvation of the people and certain events could turn the tide in one demographics favor. In Dong-hoon Choi’s ASSASSINATION we witness three unlikely allies who are placed together to stop one of these events. Truly one of the best action dramas in some time ASSASSINATION delivers a glorious period piece filled with an exciting story and flawless choreography. Any fan of a western shoot out to military film buff will enjoy ASSASSINATION as it exists inside of genres most films wouldn’t be able to achieve.

Assassination_Press Still_01

In feudal asian action films swords and striking reign supreme as weapons but in this picture based in 1933 the gun becomes the main focus. Not since the Timur Bekmambetov WANTED has a picture showed weapons as the extinction of one’s hand. The shootouts are mesmerizing and executed to perfection. From rugers, handguns, Tommy guns and sniper rifles ASSASSINATION shows the viewer how important this time period is to evolution of warfare. The final scene of THE LAST SAMURAI comes to mind but with a compelling and perplexed story the over result feels more similar to the underrated classic THE WAY OF THE GUN. In ASSASSINATION a young female sniper is teamed up with two Korean Soldiers to attempt a hit on a Japanese commander who is attending the wedding of her long lost twin sister. Those plans are corrupted when the same captain who hires the crew also hires two of the top hit man in the region to take them out. What you are left with is an exceptional tale of lies, deceit and the hope for independence from an oppressed nation.

Assassination_Press Still_02

People will rave about ASSASSINATION when they see it. Not often does a film with such historical reference hit on all points such as this one. I was truly blown away by every aspect of this film and really enjoyed the in depth look on the strength of the Japanese military at that time. Each character more memorable than the next you will fall in love with the heart and fortitude these few show as they take on the powerful regime. ASSASSINATION stands alone as clearly the best period film on 2015. Part spy, kung fu, drama, romance and so much more ASSASSINATION is more than just a must see film it’s a necessity.




ASSASSINATION is directed by CHOI Dong-hoon and stars Gianna JUN , LEE Jung-jae, HA Jung-woo, OH Dal-soo, CHO Jin-woong and CHOI Deok-moon. It is being distributed courtesy of Well Go USA. 



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