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Save the President muthaf**ka ‘Big Game’ – DVD review


Stop me if you have heard this one before. The United States President is on a plane. Plane comes under attack, President is rushed to safety. The attack initiated by an inside job and it’s time for the President to kick some ass. Well here are two things you may not expect from the Jalmari Helander feature BIG GAME. One the President is Samuel L. Jackson and two he gets saved by a Finnish boy with a bow and arrow? Yes a bow and arrow. With that kinda combination you can expect a hell of a ride and that’s exactly what’s in store with this fantasy styled action flick. More of a family film then this review leads you to believe the foul mouth Jackson has a few of his moments we come to love, but the star of the film is the boy Oskari played by Onni Tommila. Still BIG GAME has an adventurous type of feel and provides a good movie to watch with you loves younger ones.


In BIG GAME the President has been betrayed by his head of security and best friend Morris (Ray Stevenson). He is hijacked over the great woods of Finland and comes across an unlikely ally in Oskari whom himself is learning to become a man. After a mistrusting and awkward introduction the two join forces to escape Morris and his band of terrorists. BIG GAME is a lot of fun. It’s not a film you can take too seriously as most of the action sequences are a little over the top. The film does teach a few needful lessons about the strength of companionship and trust and is the type of feel good movie that’s always needed in this over negative world we currently live in. If anything the only question you will ask throughout the film is how Jackson was acquired in this role as it’s not the big time blockbuster film we are used to seeing him in.

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Fans old and young will get a kick out BIG GAME but don’t expect too much in regards to depth. What you see is what you get with BIG GAME which isn’t bad, The film has ABC FAMILY CHANNEL feature written all over it and should also do well when it heads to an online streaming service. The setting of the film is gorgeous and there is enough violence in the film to make the sadistic adult in you happy. It’s not too often we can find films that can bring together households these days so BIG GAME will be successful in accomplishing that. Entertaining and fun BIG GAME should be on rental list if you are looking to spend some quality time with the family.



BIG GAME is directed by Jalmari Helander and stars  Samuel L. Jackson,Onni Tommila, Ray Stevenson, Jim Broadbent, Ted Levine, Felicity Huffman, and Victor Garber. It is now available on Blu ray and DVD courtesy of Anchor Bay Entertainment.



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