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A mother’s love is never forgotten ‘Run, Hide, Die’ – DVD review


In Collin Joseph Neal’s RUN, HIDE DIE we find the classic ladies retreat to the woods scenario mixed with a deranged killer. In FRIDAY THE 13TH type fashion there is a huge who done it factor as a group of girls go looking for a getaway. RUN, HIDE, DIE has a very well known formula but unfortunately the film itself leads to the less desired. Honestly it’s a trainwreck as the early portion of the film centers around the reunion of the girls and tends to drag a bit too much. Once the killing starts the blood is more than welcomed but the execution of the fear seems a bit underwhelming.


Essentially be prepared to watch some women scream. RUN, HIDE, DIE isn’t horrible by any means just falls flat in an endless world filled with slashers. The cast of women are your usual stereotypes which isn’t bad but what they have to work with doesn’t help progress the film much. There are a few tense moments that will engage the viewers but the climax is where things go astray. I really wanted to like RUN, HIDE DIE as it seemed as if there was tons of potential as the story developed. The ending is what really spoiled it for me as it really just became an all out scream fest that felt more like an ISIS hostage situation than a solid horror flick.


The setting of the film is pretty rewarding even though it’s your standard camping wildlife background. RUN, HIDE,DIE unfortunately falls in a list of forgettable slashers that leaves the viewer scratching their heads on what they just watched. A couple fine tweaks here and there could have allowed this film to breathe a little easier but for now we are just left with your standard run of the mill horror. Some may find more of the film to their liking but most will more than likely pass on RUN, HIDE,DIE in search of something a little more provoking.


RUN,HIDE,DIE is directed by Collin Joseph Neal and stars Alison Monda, Tabitha Bastien, Keiko Green and Gail Harvey. It is now available on DVD courtesy of RLJ Entertainment.



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