Horror News

‘Manson Family Vacation’ heads to Netflix and on demand this October

One of the most well known serial killers of all time is the charismatic Charles Manson. While some even question if he was a killer as he had others doing his work for him you can’t deny his impact in pop culture. From t-shirts to albums the Manson legacy is something that those who follow a different past are always aware of. Filmmaker J. Davis looks to display Manson fan fare with his feature MANSON FAMILY VACATION. The film being presented by the Duplass Brothers (CREEP) follows two brothers who decide to visit the infamous Manson Family murder sites. MANSON FAMILY VACATION heads to VOD on October 6th followed by a Netflix release on October 27th. Check out the details on the film ahead.

Written and directed by newcomer J. Davis, MANSON FAMILY VACATION takes two very different siblings on a road trip that tests the limits of brotherly love. From The Duplass Brothers, the film features Jay Duplass, Linas Phillips, Tobin Bell (Jigsaw from the “Saw” movies), Leonora Pitts and Davie-Blue.

A man’s comfortable life in Los Angeles is disrupted when his estranged brother comes to town to visit the infamous Manson Family murder sites. Together, the brothers journey from the Hollywood Hills to the Mojave Desert, and into the modern-day world of Charles Manson.



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