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Short Film Spotlight: The Fulci inspired ‘The World of Shadows’


Our good friends at Filmiracle Productions are at it again with another grisly and Italian esque horror short title THE WORLD OF SHADOWS. This time it’s a Fulci inspired short that stars Chris Milewski himself. He made the the short for fun but it still holds true to previous releases. It is once again narrated by Franco Garofalo.

THE WORLD OF SHADOWS is a short horror film in the 80s Italian horror tradition (Fulci, D’Amato, Mattei, etc.,) however, it’s mainly inspired by the last films of Giulio Questi — that is, filmed and portrayed by one person (me filming me.) Once again, featuring narration by Franco Garofalo (Hell of the Living Dead, The Other Hell, etc.)


Portrayed, Written, Edited, & Directed by: Paul Clever

Narration: Franco Garofalo

Soundtrack by: Sawyer & Chris Milewski

Translator: Daniela Giordano

Brief review by HMU Editor Travis Brown:

Simple and sweet is the horror short THE WORLD OF SHADOWS. Filmmarcle does it again with it’s precise and crisp music and haunting narration. There is so much to take from these short pieces of work that one day a full length must be presented. The Italian horror fan in me is always thrilled whenever I see their name pop up in the Horror Movies Uncut email inbox!

3.5/ 5



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