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Have horror shorts will travel with the all new Night Terrors Film Festival


2016 marks the start of a new genre film festival in Denmark that will travel between two cities. The NIGHT TERRORS FILM FESTIVAL will hold its first ever event in February of 2016. The fest will highlight horror shorts and will have two screenings in Copenhagen and Aarhus. Actor and filmmaker Kim Sonderholm is behind the NIGHT TERRORS FILM FESTIVAL and we are thrilled he would send us his first release. Read ahead for the full details and look for more announcements soon.

Night Terrors Film Festival is a new genre festival opening up in Denmark and celebrating its first event in February 2016 – it is for short films; horror, thriller, supernatural, absurd – anything you can think of! Yes, comedies and dramas are welcome too, as long as it can somehow be justified to fit into the theme.

Films selected will have two screenings each, one in Denmarks capital Copenhagen and one in the second biggest city, Aarhus, the following day. It is a great opportunity to have your short films screened for a Scandinavian audience that might not have other ways to experience your work.

Behind the film festival is actor and film maker Kim Sønderholm:

“I’ve felt for a long time that Denmark needed something like this. We have several great film festivals, but most of them is about the more cultural films and not so much the sort of films we’re trying to promote; the more “prima” films if you will. We do have genre festivals but they are mostly concentrated around feature films that has already created a buzz.

Our mission is to take small, lesser known, but great genre short films, and do what we can to give them a danish audience, and to be most efficient in doing so we are going to have the event twice, once in each end of the country.

We’ve been working on involving Denmarks third biggest city, Odense, aswell – so far without luck but we hope to succeed, although I can’t promise anything at this point.

I am personally very much looking forward to this and I hope to see a lot of great films submitted and to meet a lot of genre fans at the events. We’ll be in Copenhagen on February 10 and in Aarhus on February 11 and there will be a great atmosphere, good films, loads of chills, loads of laughs, and a lot of nice people, and we hope to have such a great success to make it an annual event.”

Night Terrors Film Festival just opened for short films submissions, 20 minutes max, read more about that on the festival homepage:

You can also check out:

Official facebook page

Official twitter page



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