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DXM world premiere and more for the lineup of Grimmfest 2015


Manchester, UK is the place for this year’s GRIMMFEST. Truly a special film festival that has housed some of the better UK and international film releases in sometime. This year will be no exception and one of the films high on the list of anticipation is the Andrew Goth feature DXM. THE HALLOW opens the fest that will also include festival favorite BLOOD SUCKING BASTARDS and the European premier of exciting follow up to the outstanding 2013 hit, ANTISOCIAL 2. Truly a tremendous line up for this years event and look for reviews from Daniel and Adrian who will be in attendance. Read ahead for the full lineup and more.Grimmfest runs 1st-4th October at Odeon Printworks, Manchester UK.Full Festival Passes and Day Tickets are now on sale from

GRIMMFEST, Manchester’s Festival of Horror, Cult and Fantastic Film is back; and its 2015 line up is bigger, bolder, and bloodier than ever before.

During the first four days of October, Grimmfest will be celebrating its seventh shocking year by screening in Manchester on one of the largest screens in the Odeon’s Northern Flagship venue at The Printworks to unleash their latest and greatest line-up of dark, dangerous, wild, weird, witty, thrilling, chilling, blood-spilling movies, every one of them a premiere of one kind or another.

Gala Opening Night

The North West Premiere of nerve-racking rural shocker THE HALLOW opens the festival, with special guests director Corin Hardy (who secured directorial duties on the upcoming CROW reboot on the strength of this movie) and star Joseph Mawle (Game of Thrones, Sense8, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter). Next up, Northern Showcase at which SFX maestro Shaune Harrison (World War Z, Avengers: Age of Ultron) presents the world premiere of his directorial debut, THE BOX with the film’s star, Dominic Brunt. This will kick off a selection of the best, most bone-chilling, boundary-pushing films from the north. Rounding off the evening, the regional premiere of  savagely funny splatter-satire, BLOOD SUCKING BASTARDS starring Fran Kranz (Cabin in The Woods, Dollhouse) & Pedro Pascal (Game of Thrones, Narcos).

World Premiere

This years closing night film will be the World Premiere of the visually stunning, conceptually-challenging tale of a sub-atomic struggle for the subconscious: DXM. Director Andrew Goth (Gallowwalkers) brings us his Sam Neil starring explosive, head spinning fusion of theology, quantum physics, science fiction and martial arts action that made DXM one of the must-see genre films at Cannes this year. This world premiere screening is guaranteed to bring the festival to a suitably epic conclusion with he director and members of the cast in attendance.

European Premiere

Grimmfest are excited to present the European Premiere of ANTISOCIAL 2, a tale of social media gone rogue and sequel to one of the hits of Grimmfest 2013.

UK Premieres

Punk legend Henry Rollins stars in bar-hopping biblical vampire vigilante epic HE NEVER DIED; there’s BLADERUNNER style cyberpunk noir in the reality-bending SYNCHRONICITY; feminist body-image horror in the queasily satiric EXCESS FLESH, which recently left audiences reeling at SXSW festival in Texas; amnesia, loss of self and love against the odds in viral possession movie THE HIVE; and three Teutonic tales of terror in the portmanteau GERMAN ANGST, featuring the latest harrowing short from the infamous Jorg Buttgereit, director of NEKROMANTIK.

New UK and Irish movies

Paul Hyett’s gripping werewolves on a train shocker, HOWL and David Keating’s eerie rural witchcraft chiller CHERRY TREE, both receive their North West Premieres and cast and crew will be in attendance for both films.


THE NIGHTMARE, Rodney Ascher’s chilling follow-up to the acclaimed Stanley Kubrick documentary Room 237 is an exploration of the terrifying phenomenon of sleep paralysis. Steven Paytner, one of the subjects of the film will be in attendance.

Festival Hits

As ever, Grimmfest offers a chance to catch the very best genre films taking the festival circuit by storm; this year, the mood is decidedly retro. There’s 80s-style post-apocalyptic action in the riotous Mad Max/BMX Bandits mash-up TURBO KID, old-school Lucio Fulci style ghosts and gore in WE ARE STILL HERE, and head banging heavy metal hellishness in DEATHGASM.

Halloween Horror

In honour of the season, Northern Premieres of HELLIONS, Bruce McDonald’s horrifying hallucinogenic follow up to Pontypool and TALES OF HALLOWEEN, an  all star talent anthology that is destined to become a seasonal classic.

Classic Horror

The schedule is so stuffed with premieres that there is only space for a couple of genre classics this year. Grimmfest favourite HELLRAISER celebrates its imminent remastered release from Arrow and in tribute to the late great Wes Craven a charity screening of SCREAM.

Short Sharp Shocks

As ever, the shorts programme has something for everyone, a plethora of premieres, everything from Johnny Vegas to Stephen King…

Gaming Area and Festival Hub

This year Grimmfest will be hosting a special gaming area where fans get the chance to play a multitude of horror influenced games from the eighties through to the present day, including a VR set up, multiplayer and brand new games from local developers.



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