Blu Ray Release

Critically acclaimed ‘Pieces of Talent’ now on Blu ray


A film that overwhelmed us with it’s glorious graphic and treacherous beauty is the Joe Stauffer indie hit PIECES OF TALENT. It is with great pleasure that we bring to you the news that earlier this month it was announced that the film has finally hit Blu ray! It is available only on their website and there are 3 variant covers available for the feature as well. Head over to their store: right now as quanities are limted. If you have not seen PIECES OF TALENT you are truly missing out on one of the most talked about films in horror from the past few years. The VHS and more are still available as well.

Read our review from PIECES OF TALENT here.

PIECES OF TALENT is a truly original and groundbreaking indie horror film that Fangoria hails as “a clever, exceedingly well-produced, sharply written ultra-low-budget bit of high-concept torture porn that delivers a sleazy punch.” David (David Long), a local filmmaker, becomes obsessed with Charlotte (Kristi Ray), an aspiring actress working as a waitress, and begins filming a gory masterpiece by killing members of the community.

As a truly independent film, we rely exclusively on positive word-of-mouth and help from the incredible horror community to promote our film. The support of sites such as Horror Movies Uncut, which are trusted and credible authorities to fans of great filmmaking and original horror, is so critical to helping us share our film with as many people as possible.


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