Crowd Funding

Two weeks left to back the ‘The Terrible Two’ trailer and more


When a husband and wife lose their two daughters in a tragic manner something else invades their life that they aren’t ready for. Orange St Films looks to bring the psychological thriller THE TERRIBLE TWO to life and enlists the local community of Wilmington for help. You also can contribute as they have a little over two weeks left on their Indiegogo campaign. Check out the details on the flick that stars David Reid and Lydia Chandler ahead including the link where you can help out.

‘The Terrible Two’ is a psychological, paranormal thriller that follows the Poe family as they continue to struggle to come to grips with the deaths of their two daughters one year earlier.  The agony of losing their only 2 children has haunted them over the last year but they will soon discover that that’s not the only thing tormenting them.

“We are very passionate about bringing film jobs not only to our state, but more specifically to Wilmington. Please join me in creating more paying positions in our community. There is a tremendous amount of talent here and we plan to hire locally.  The more money we have, the more positions we create”

Orange St Films has been in operation for over 10 years making movies, TV commercials, corporate videos, and music videos.  Everyone involved in this film has been in the film industry for many years and we refuse to let legislation ruin NC FILM!

Please help suport the film, independent film, and the genre by contributing at ‘The Terrbile Two’ IndieGoGo campaign page




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