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Pacific Coast set to release action TV series ‘ The Gods of War’

Earlier this month Pacific Coast Entertainment announced they are developing a show based around the sci fi flick ROGUE WARRIOR: ROBOT FIGHTER, THE GODS OF WAR. Set to star our good friend Tracey Birdsall the show is being described as a combination between STAR WARS and MAD MAX. If that is truly the case then sci fi geeks will eat this alive. Production starts in 2016 so check out the official details on THE GODS OF WAR ahead.

Pacific Coast Entertainment will develop and produce a television series based on their upcoming science-fiction Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter. Tentatively titled The Gods of War, the series will see Tracey Birdsall reprising her role from the film. No other actors are currently attached.

The series, described as a cross between Star Wars and Mad Max, is set in the distant future depicting the struggles of humanity forced to merge with machine intelligence. First season will consist of 6-8 episodes, with production due to begin in 2016.

Producer Neil Johnson says Gods of War will “be a story-driven epic series similar to the Game of Thrones model.  We look to shoot primarily in the US, but it’s expected there’ll be some additional photography in other countries”


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