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‘Deviant Behavior’ grabs two genre icons

Known for their roles in the the 1974 classic TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE Ed Guinn and John Dugan are now slated to be in the new feature from STX Media DEVIANT BEHAVIOR. We first announced details on the film not so long ago and now the cast announcements are now rolling in. Production has started on the film and looks to be released in 2016. Read about the announcement ahead that includes a still from the feature.

STX Media is excited to announce that Horror Icons Ed Guinn and John Dugan have join the cast of their current production “Deviant Behavior.” You know both of them from their roles in the 1974 classic film “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” Ed played the heroic “Cattle Truck Driver” and John played the infamous “Grandpa.” Filming for STX Media’s full length thriller/slasher movie is well underway and anticipates a release date some time mid-winter 2016. Go to for more cast announcements and be sure to like and follow STX Media on Facebook and Twitter for real time updates.



STX Media is an award winning Independent Film and Public Relations (PR) Company based out of Corpus Christi, Texas founded in 2013 by Director Jacob Grim and Executive Producer Sal Hernandez.



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