Film Festival

Mile High Horror Film Festival kicks off at the start of October


Tomorrow October 1st kicks off the MILE HIGH HORROR FILM FESTIVAL. This is their 6th festival and on Monday they engaged in a pre screening of the new GOOSEBUMPS film. The festival goes.until the fourth and features world premieres such as Terry Miles EVEN THE LAMBS HAVE TEETH and special anniversary screenings of PHANTOM OF THE OPERA with Ron Chaney in Q&A. Sounds like another fantastic festival is on the way so read ahead for all the details!

This year’s festival takes place October 1st – 4th 2015 at the Alamo Drafthouse Littleton and promises to be bigger and better with anniversary screenings galore, special Q & A’s and feature films to die for. On October 1st, the Mile High Horror Film Festival hits the ground running with the World Premiere of Terry Miles and Random Bench’s upcoming film Even Lambs Have Teeth with cast in attendance. There are also several special events lined up that pay homage to the genre: a 90th anniversary presentation of The Phantom of the Opera with actor Ron Chaney Q&A and live musical score, Return of the Living Dead on VHS with scream queen legend Linnea Quigley, presented by horror website, Fangoria, The Shining with infamous twin actors Lisa & Louise Burns and Lloyd the bartender Joseph Turkel reunited for the first time since filming and returning to Colorado where the premise of the film is based, a rare 35mm presentation of Hatchet complete with filmmaker Adam Green and star Kane Hodder in attendance, a live edition of Fangoria’s podcast “We’ll See You In Hell” with comedians Joe DeRosa and Patrick Walsh, Chad Archibald’s Bite, and numerous other feature films guaranteed to keep you up all night!


Mile High Horror Film Festival is also thrilled to host the Colorado premieres of filmmaker Perry Blackshear’s They Look Like People and Epic Pictures’ upcoming anthology film Tales of Halloween with director Neil Marshall. For fans of the iconic SyFy television show, “Face Off,” don’t miss the makeup panel with stars Evan Hedges and Kevon Ward. Dying to see the iconic horror film legend, Jigsaw in the flesh? Catch the Q&A with Mr. Tobin Bell himself in conjunction with special presentations of Saw and Saw 2 on October 4th . Mr. Bell will also be the recipient of the Mile High Horror Slasher Award on closing night with a second award being awarded to anniversary presentation of The Devil’s Rejects on October 3rd. Start your Halloween season off with a thrill at The Mile High Horror Film Festival and be sure to check out http://www.mhhff.comfor more chilling updates!


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