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The bigger they are the harder they fall and regenerate ‘Attack On Titan Pt.1’ – movie review

Based off the popular manga by the same name ATTACK ON TITAN is a live action adaptation of a society in turmoil. This isn’t your mom and dad’s zombie film though as these particular undead souls are larger than life, or afterlife. While goofy to most this common trend of live action films doesn’t seem to be slowing down and ATTACK ON TITAN may not be the best effort but it was entertaining to say the least. Not that I have watched the series itself so there was really nothing for me to go on but the story provided was solid enough to keep me engaged throughout.

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A film with impending doom and seemingly no hope is always difficult as to what characters will stand out to help move the film along. The main focal figure in the film is a young man by the name of Eren whose best friend Armin and girlfriend  Mikasa are tired of living behind the walls. Even though they are young they have never seen these terrifying creatures known as Titans and feel like herds of cattle wasting away their lives when something greater could be just beyond the horizon. We soon find out this is completely false as a monster of a Titan attacks the wall which creates a hole to allow the smaller but still dangerous Titans to come through. The Titans are bottomless gigantic feeders that show no real emotion until their prey is located. After seeing images from the Manga they look pretty spot on with gigantic mouths and no sexual organs. They stumble around causally and present a frightening feel but it’s hard not to laugh at the look of these nude giants that have the characteristics of every type of soul you have seen an any Asian film , and I mean any. The setting that surrounds the land is dark and gritty which works well for the look of the pale and grey creatures. ATTACK ON TITAN is Godzilla meets Night of The Living Dead but these creatures aren’t just looking for brains they are consuming any piece they can put their hands on.


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The band of warriors set to do battle with the Titans are similar to any group you may find in a manga series. You have an asshole, rebel, fat kid, weakling and every other stereotype you would normally see. The part most viewers are looking forward to are the kills as these undead giants don’t go down with the traditional shot to head. Give credit to the creators of the series for coming up with such creative means to do battle with the monsters which helps pick up the action tremendously in the film. Part 1 seemed solid enough to make me want to see the conclusion although I am warned. From the preview it seems as if they have put a lot of information into the second act which could turn this is mess very quickly. Still I’m enjoying this current trend of films invading our theaters here in the states and I’ve already cued up the series for extra comparison. Hopefully it won’t jade my thoughts and I really enjoyed ATTACK ON TITAN PT. 1 and am looking forward to the next. Manga fans similar to comic fans will eventually have to take a back seat and let these films exist on their own for this trend to continue to happen. Here’s to hoping it does just that!


3 / 5


ATTACK ON TITAN is directed by Shinji Higuchi  it stars Haruma Miura, Kiko Mizuhara, Satomi Ishihara, Kanata Hongō and Shu Watanabe. Part 1 is now playing in select theaters while Pt. 2 will be released later this month.


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