DVD Release

Cannibal horror ‘Shopping Tour’ out later this month on DVD

So did you think we were finished with cannibals? Come on folks it’s October so of course each and every type of horror will be in our midst and just because the theaters are flooded with amazon gold it doesn’t mean that’s the extent of it. In mother Russia our dear friends know a thing or two about cannibalism and UK distributor Sharp Teeth films will be releasing their satire SHOPPING TOUR in the UK this month. The film deals with some unlucky souls who turn a shopping trip to Finland into a fight for survival and will be available on DVD and VOD on October 26th. SHOPPING TOUR is an insane found footage horror comedy directed by Mikhail Brashinsky that gives a nod to classic genre films like George Romero’s DAWN OF THE DEAD.

A weekend of retail therapy turns into a ‘holiday from hell’ …

From rising Russian star Mikhail Brashinsky comes a ‘biting’ horror satire targeting consumerism, xenophobia and immigration panic in northern Europe, in a tense, bloody battle for survival.

Brashinsky pokes fun at retail hungry Russians and their idealized Finnish neighbours, playfully imagining that Finland – ranked ‘best country in the world’ by Newsweek Magazine – might not be so picture perfect after all.

Winner of Critics’ Prize, Best Female Performance and Grand-Prix at the Russian National Film Festival ‘Window to Europe’ and the Special Jury Prize at the Polar Lights International Film Festival in St. Petersburg. A popular film on the international film festival circuit, screening at Sitges International Festival of Fantastic Cinema, Gothenburg International Film Festival and Torino International Film Festival.


Unlucky Russian tourists get more than they bargain for, when their shopping trip to Finland turns into a fight for survival. According to ancient Finnish tradition, Summer Solstice marks the one day a year when locals eat foreigners …

Part social satire, part survival horror recalling Romero’s DAWN OF THE DEAD, with a topical mix of underlying themes including xenophobia, immigration panic, consumerism and personal morality.


Written and directed by: Mikhail Brashinsky

Cast: Tatyana Kolganova, Timofey Yeletsky

Genre: horror | Year: 2012 | Cert: 15 [TBC] | Country: Russia

Language: Russian / Finnish with English subtitles | Running Time: 70 minutes



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