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FF2015 : ‘Sensoria’ – movie review

Dealing with significant change in your life is always terrorizing. For anyone who has dealt with a divorce they know the agonizing pain of handling mental frustration as you try to move on with your life. So many people claim to be hurt after small termed relationship goes awry. Many try to justify their future actions based off of someone who probably was not right for them from the onset. Then there are those who are truly destroyed. The ones who invested everything into someone they loved only to be cast aside, like their actions and life carried no merit or worth. For those souls just the thought of what’s to come is terrifying. Take that mindset and apply it to a creepy new living arrangement and spirit from the past who does not want to move on themselves and this is the setting for the supernatural thriller from Christian Hallman SENSORIA.


Caroline(Lanna Olsson) is trying to move on and start that new terrifying beginning. She moves into an apartment building filled with some nice older people and one man who seems more invasive than need be. SENSORIA is the true definition of atmospheric horror as it blends a slow burning aesthetic surrounded by a sinister setting. The film moves at a mind numbing pace which appropriately sets up the impending dread for what’s to come. Lanna does an impeccable job of existing as Caroline as we watch her bi polarish journey between enjoying her new found freedom and her desire for the old life to return. She put so much worth into the role that I was utterly surprised how gorgeous she is in real life. You can tell the role consumed her and that’s what made SENSORIA work. Her perverted neighbor Johan Stenier(Rafael Pettersson) was instrumental in taking her focus off of the happenings around her which gave the film much needed extra layers.


SENSORIA is very high on the creep factor and as the film moves on there are a few scares that are very worthwhile. Still the film may move too slow for some which is what could hurt the essence delivered in this film. If you are a fan of the film THE HOUSE OF GOOD AND EVIL or THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF ROSALIND LEIGH then SENSORIA is right up your alley. It is a surprising solid swedish thriller that has more depth than one would initially assume.


3 / 5


SENSORIA is directed by Christian Hallman and stars Lanna Olsson, Rafael Pettersson, Boel Marie Larsson, Harald Leander, Karin Bertling, Alida Morberg, Norah Andersen and Linnea Pihl.


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