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‘The Strain’ S2 Episode 13 Recap “Night Train”

Well, you guys, we’re finally here.  The second season finale fell upon us and I am so sad it’s all over.  Despite the many up’s and down’s this season had, the finale episode, “Night Train”, rounded up the important storylines and gave them exciting send-offs until next year.  There were some game-changing deaths and broken alliances that are going to have a hell of an impact on how next season goes.

Of course it all came down to two major plots: The bidding war for the Lumen with Setrakian (David Bradley) and Fet (Kevin Durand) against Eichorst (Richard Sammel) and Eph (Corey Stoll), Nora (Mia Maestro), and Zach’s (Max Charles) expedition to get out of New York to drop the kid off at his grandparent’s while they go and re-create the bio weapon.

The beginning of the episode saw a pretty sad moment as the group said their goodbyes at the safe house, off on their own missions and clearly aware of the fact that this will probably be the last time that they’re all together, or at least minus a few folks.

Eichorst’s processing plant for what he calls “sheep” is almost complete and it looks big and menacing and was obviously taken from some blueprints of his days back in Nazi Germany.  Now will he ever get to use it?  Let’s hope not.  The bidding war for the Lumen that we’ve all been waiting for finally happened, and it had me on the edge of my seat for a minute.  Eichorst narrowly won the book but it was fleeting when Eldritch (Jonathan Hyde) rescinded his access to the funds, resulting in Setrakian being rewarded the book he’s been searching for for half his life.

Setrakian and Fet’s truck gets ambushed aftewards by Eichorst and a horde of strigoi in an attempt to get the book back.  Before it starts to look too grim for the duo, Gus (Miguel Gomez), Angel (Joaquin Cosio), and their group of inmates-turned-Sun Hunters show up to save the day.  Quinlan (Rupert Penry-Jones) confronts The Master via Eichorst.  While everyone else is fighting off the strigoi, Gus goes off to the truck in search of the old man and Fet.  Noticing they’ve escaped through a manhole underneath, he follows suit and confronts them just as they’re about to board a boat and head off to who knows where.  Quinlan shows up and they decide that Setrakian will retain the book to use as bait for the Master so Quinlan can finally destroy him himself.  An alliance I’m not surprised by, to be honest.

Pissed off and feeling embarrassed, Eichorst confronts Palmer and Coco (Lizzie Brochere) at their place.  The couple grew some balls and inform him that they will not be used and will continue to receive “the white” in return for their ongoing help.  The Master is none too pleased with someone else calling the shots and swoops in and swiftly shoots his stinger into Coco’s throat and kills her for good.

Back at Penn Station, Eph, Nora and Zach board the train to leave the city and get a good head start until the conductors (is that what they’re called?? I have no idea) notice a group of strigoi standing on the tracks and are forced to slam on the brakes, causing mayhem and lots of sparks.  Eph was in another part of the train when this all happened, so Nora and Zach take off assuming he’ll find them shortly.  Coming face to face with Kelly (Natalie Brown), Zach watches Nora and his mom fight it out and just when you think Nora has the upper hand, Zach yells for her to stop.  This moment of distraction allowed Kelly to sting Nora, infecting her.  It was a total blow to the viewers and one of the better main characters in the show.

Zach pulls a dagger on his mom, and for a moment almost does the right thing but instead goes in a for a hug.  Finally putting that last nail in the coffin for us that dislike his character, Zach takes mommy’s hand and walks off, presumably to start a new family with the Master (or hopefully off the show for good).  Eph shows up too late and finds Nora as she’s becoming more infected and already starting to hear the Master in her head, they share a touching moment and he pleads with her that he can help control her infection.  Instead, in a really awesomely-shot moment, she takes her sword and swings it back on to the third rail of the tracks, electrocuting herself.

The final shots show Setrakian on the boat alongside Fet and Quinlan as he flips through the long sought after Lumen.  Unsure of where they’re going, he narrates the closing scenes which include a broken and alone Eph, and Eldritch taking out Coco’s infected heart, just as Setrakian had done with Miriam’s- “Long ago, I pledged my life to opposing these monsters.  Since then I have lost everything dear to me, driven to the edge of madness in my quest for knowledge and vengeance.  Now, one step away from victory, why do I feel more trepidation than triumph?  What insidious plan does the Master have for humankind?  We have become overconfident as a species.  We ignorantly believed in our primacy over all else, over all other species.  Over our planet, itself.  Will we perish in our own greed and selfishness?  Or will we overcome and survive?  A short time ago, our current reality was beyond imagination.  Now, we have one last chance to win back our world.  In order to defeat the Master, we must be as cold and ruthless and savage as he is…and yet without becoming monsters ourselves.”

Where will next season take us?  Where the hell is Dutch?  Will Zach finally go the hell away forever?  And will the good guys triumph over the Master once and for all?  I guess we have a year to think about it all.  Until next time!



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