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There is no denying the raw nature of power ‘June’ – DVD review


L.Gustavo Cooper’s supernatural spectacular JUNE is now out on DVD. This film follows the early life of of a young woman who becomes the vessel for an ancient being with powers to destroy any and everything around her. The well crafted film showcases the commanding performance of Kennedy Price as June coupled with the great eye for setting and placement that Cooper is becoming known for. One of the key aspects of the film that should not be overlooked is the devastating look at the children’s welfare adoption system that takes a central focus on the first part of the film. JUNE has a nostalgic thriller feel which makes it a strong entry in the supernatural sub genre.


At first glance June seems like any ordinary child. Once she lays her eyes on you there is a bewitching spell that reveals a presence behind her calm innocent face. She has an imaginary friend named Aer and this is one friend you don’t want to piss off. Unlike most supernatural thrillers of this caliber there is more of a mystical fortitude behind the reasoning of June’s power. Hearty performances by Casper Van Dien as her adopted father also gives a changing of the guard as the mother becomes the protector of this special but strange girl. There is a lot of mystery involved as JUNE sets up as a modern day version of THE OMEN. The only issue that plagued me through watching the film is certain parts of her transformation to the ancient goddess felt almost cartoonish in a manner you would see on the show SUPERNATURAL. Many times I was waiting on the Winchester boys to show up in there classic muscle car to sprinkle some salt around the feet of June’s victims. I would have loved to see more of the occult nature surrounding her but the way the film does a complete 360 gives enough backstory push for a sequel. The narration of the story was somewhat confusing during the beginning but as things play out it makes sense on why that approach was necessary. JUNE is more than just a race against evil forces. The power that resides in this young woman is undeniable.


A fairly easy watch matched with a quick pace should be favorable for fans that see JUNE. If they focus on the performances of the cast and the great look by Cooper the story won’t feel too rushed. This portrayal of a child possessed by a higher spirit will be very familiar to the horror public. By the end of the film you will feel as if you have watched a great thriller from around the mid to late 80’s which more than works for the casual and diehard horror fan today.




JUNE is directed by L. Gustavo Cooper. It stars Kennedy Brice, Casper Van Dien, Victoria Pratt, Eddie Jemison, and Lance E. Nichols. It is now available on DVD courtesy of RLJ Entertainment.



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