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FF2015 : ‘Ludo’ – movie review

The world of horror continues to expand and different countries are continually dipping there feet into the industry. One country in particular that has made an impact in the industry is India. With all the controversy of what is culturally ok and appropriate in India, you would never assume that horror would be a genre that would come out of this country. LUDO is an Indian horror film that is co directed by Gandu (Q) and Nikon, that touches base on the distinct cultural differences of how men and women are to act around each other and what is considered appropriate. The movies also follows some pretty simple over done ideas that have been accomplished by many horror directors, but at least it isn’t the tone of the whole film.

Besties, Ria and Payel are ready for a night out on the town in the city of Kolkata. Ria is arguing with her mother about the way they dress and how inappropriate it is. That they must remember in their culture that girls dressing provocative are consider whores and their scandalous behavior is unacceptable. The two meet up with there boyfriends Pele and Babai. They ride around town on the back the of boys motorcycles, drinking alcohol from a unlabeled plastic bottle and just enjoying the night of being young and free. Though like all young teens there hormones are racing and hooking up is on all of there minds. The boys have crass conversation about fucking the girls and the girls teasingly seduce the two any chance they can get. Once drunk enough, all of them are on the mission to find a hotel to let out there sexual frustrations on each other. Turned away by every hotel they go to because men and women who aren’t married and have no proof is seen as a unacceptable thing. After being rejected so many times Payel comes up with the perfect plan. Where can they go that has AC and the four can get it on. The mall.

The foursome arrive to the mall right as it is about to close down and hide until everything has been shut off. They continue to drink and party, when the couple separate to make out and let out there sexual urges. Both couples would have made it all the way, but got interrupted by the weird old couple who are also hiding out in the mall. The homeless couple start to automatically act odd and suggest they all sit down to a friendly game that she pulls out. Payel disappears to go to the bathroom, while the other three remain.  The game is old and has an holographic image in the middle that seems to put Ria, Pele and Babai into a weird trance like state. The game is called Ludo( hence the title of the movie) and what they think is a friendly game of chance could turn out to be there last chance at life.
The first half of the film does the introduction of the characters and gives the audience the base line for who they are and then the dilemma they put themselves in. Though really this time could have been cut down to about fifteen minutes because there is no real character engagement and depth into who these foursome are. Once the dilemma and the dangerous situation presented to the audience, the movie takes a drastic confusing turn into a completely different story. The immediate confusing shift in the movie goes into a back story introducing new characters which also has very confusing narrative, moves too quickly and doesn’t give the audience the chance to really get a full understand what is going on. The one thing that’s clear is everything is based around the game Ludo. Though during this whole build up of who the woman and man are there is one saving grace that kept my interest was the fact that playing the game comes with a price and that is becoming something monstrous, which is seemingly a vampire. After finding out the game is nothing but evil and is the center of terror for everyone that touches it, you see flows of characters throughout the whole movie shaking there dice, moving there pieces to only meet there death.

Ludo has a movie I parts had a lot of promos but it got diluted and lost more and more throughout the film. The balance was lost but at least you got to see some blood and guts being eaten.
LUDO is directed by Q (aka Quashiq Mukherjee) and Nikon (aka Rajarshi Basu).

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