DVD Release

Mysterious trailer for ‘Deep Dark’

Many creative souls run into the issues of trying to survive off their work. For some it’s just crap but to others it’s their livelihood. So when a struggling artist gets a chance of a lifetime he has to go for it. Even if it’s a weird yet familiar voice coming from the wall? Mike Medaglia new feature DEEP DARK follows one such tale and is heading to DVD next month courtesy of Uncork’d. It will be available as well on VOD on November 10th and Uncork’d has released a new trailer, poster and some stills for it’s release. Read ahead for all the details on the DVD release.

The uniquely disturbing Deep Dark, from writer/director Mike Medaglia, comes to DVD and Digital in November.

“Dark, twisted and utterly captivating…” (Horror Cult Films) and featuring “great performances” (Scream Horror Magazine) from the likes of Sean McGrath (Grimm, Twilight) and John Nielsen (Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen), Deep Dark has played to a resoundingly positive response at film festivals right around the world. It’s highly anticipated DVD and VOD release has been skedded for November 10 via Uncork’d Entertainment.


Hermann, a failed sculptor, is about to kill himself when he finds a strange, talking hole in the wall. The creature in the hole (Denise Poirier, the voice of ÆON FLUX) has the power to fulfill his wildest dreams, but things go horribly wrong and when the killing starts, Hermann is thrust into the worst nightmare of his life. Deep Dark is a twisted tale warning you to be careful what you wish for, because it just might get you.



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